FIFA 15 downgrades with Torres, Soldado and Fellaini

- Aug 10, 2014

The latest FIFA 15 downgrades video takes a look at predicted player ratings that are expected to drop slightly. Included in this round is Manchester United FC’s Ashley Young, Saint-Etienne’s Van Wolfswinkel on loan from Norwich City, and Sunderland’s Jozy Altidore. We also have a slightly older video from towards the end of July as well, which includes a look at more FIFA 15 downgrades with Fernando Torres who plays for Chelsea FC, another Man Utd player Marouane Fellaini, and finally Tottenham Hotspur FC player Roberto Soldado.

We enjoy taking a look at these downgrade prediction videos for a number of reasons and this includes a change from all the upgrade ratings. The other interesting factor is how some fans don’t like the idea of a player they like getting downgraded. While the video creator below is still speculating on what might happen, in most cases they’ll get it right thanks to tracking changes and stats from the World Cup.

It’s also easier if the football player had a really bad season and in these circumstances most people wouldn’t disagree with the rating adjustment. This couldn’t be said with the second video, which includes Fernando Torres getting downgraded and this factor alone caused quite the debate on YouTube.


Do you think Torres should be downgraded in FIFA 15 and if so, do you think the rating in the video got it spot on with a 79?

Take a look at the new FIFA 15 player ratings and then share comment letting us know if you agree with the scores. Even if certain players had a bad season, some predictions might be a little too harsh and as such we’d love to hear your thoughts on those rated below.

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  • rahul

    torres is faithful players for chelsea and spain. coach has been waited for his tremendous form but it is too late. uhhh torres

  • GmB

    Totally biased everton fan ripping Into spurs because they are a bigger club lets hope lukaku lives up to his price tag

    • Joe_D

      haha soldado is garbage 28 games 6 goals how many of them were penalties? how huch did he cost spurs thats right more than lukaku also Lamela haha spurs fans deluded halfof Spurs definetly should go down there so overrated on fifa

      Lukaka 35 Games 17 Goals West Brom
      31 Games 15 Goals Everton

      get your head out your arse hes a great striker