New Fallout 4 MMO release still unpopular

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 8, 2014

Obsidian is obviously happy to be involved in a new Fallout 4 with an MMO angle, or they might already be heavily involved with no current release date signaled, but what’s the gamer opinion on both a massively multiplayer online game and Obsidian developing the next title? If you saw the recent comments by Obsidian’s New Vegas director Josh Sawyer, then you could have a strong opinion on his ideas along with any possible Fallout 4 MMO.

While we enjoyed reading IGN’s article on certain settings for the next Fallout game, it’s hard to see the majority of fans taking to the MMORPG idea. This isn’t the first time we touched on this, and you might remember our article back in September last year that pointed out the fan dislike towards this very possibility.

There’s of course supporters getting behind an online Fallout game, although from the feedback we’ve received at Product Reviews, it seems the majority find this outcome hard to imagine. Regardless of Fallout 4 becoming an MMO version, or not, most fans welcome any new game from this franchise.


Fallout 4 MMO still seems to be unpopular – As one fan put it, “Fallout is about survival with a great formula. Add new stuff, update the graphics, bring tweaks, but please don’t create an online only version”. Another added, “I really don’t want to see the MMO idea become reality, especially with the wasteland setting where there shouldn’t be many people”.

The good news – Bethesda is doing nothing to confirm such an idea and in fact, it looks like they are telling fans the MMO idea is false. Either way, we’d love to hear from our readers about an online version of this game for Fallout 4.

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  • Hook, Online and Sinker

    Was always going to happen if Elder Scrolls Online was not a complete failure. It’s simple…more money. Instead of just the full priced game, they get that, plus $15 per month indefinitely. I don’t expect ot see another SP Elder Scrolls game either due to this. Many would be happy about this, but not me. I prefer being the SP versions whih seem to on the way out…at least at Bethesda.

    • Vahit

      It Will be Free to Play Just Wait !
      Marvel Heroes or All Points Bulletin Also Was Pay to play both now free to play !

  • Arcendus

    Ah, “news” that uses Twitter opinions to back it up. Reliable times we’re living in.

  • Vahit

    I Liked Fallout 3
    I think A MMO Would be Great But with The Possibility To Play Offline !

  • Chuck

    It’ll not be much of a wasteland if it’s heavy populated everywhere. Just sayin.

    • TreBpro

      well put! it wouldn’t be a wasteland with hundreds of players running around!