Hotmail and Outlook down today, official confirms not working

- Aug 8, 2014

It looks like Hotmail is down in the UK today, according to reports from those trying to sign in and finding the service not working correctly. Within the last hour we’ve received a number of reports about problems with Hotmail and Outlook email services being either down or not working. There’s clearly issues considering the feedback and tweets being shared.

One user stated, “My Hotmail is down. I have no issues logging in with Outlook, but it mentions isn’t working today. It has been unavailable for a while now”. Another added, “This is a big problem and I’ve seen a lot of complaints over the last few hours. Please can we have a little feedback, so we know when our mail will be back up”.

You can see some tweets below revealing such problems and of course we’d love to hear from our readers as well. There’s a few business users getting really frustrated as well and they certainly want to know when these issues will be fixed, as you can expect with the importance of business emails”.

Have you had any problems accessing Hotmail today and if so, what location are you in? As you can see with the tweets above, it looks like the problem has been going on for a few hours. The error message being displayed states, “ not working, Please try later”.

Update: The official Outlook Twitter account left the message below just a few minutes ago, so you now know the problems are being worked on at least.

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  • Valerie

    When…… when will this mess be resolved

  • gcblues

    Rivas Nicaragua down

  • Tim

    Just trying to get into my Hotmail account and it has picked up a reference to a very old account I haven’t used for years. It wont let me into my own account and seems to want personal details regarding the old one which I am reluctant to give.

  • aeowyn66

    On holiday in tenerife and not working here either been offline for last 2hrs that I know of …… getting really annoyed now

    • Valerie

      I am
      in Jamaica and this is crazy I cant get into my business account for 3 days. It keeps saying wrong password and leading me to a site that I actually filled in to verify asccount and still no redress…same problem, many other people are having the same problem…this is a huge mess