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Timberman game doesn’t cheat Flappy in the same way

Ever since Flappy Birds was removed we have seen a host of apps take its place, although they have never been able to replicate its success. However, we have come across a similar app, although it doesn’t cheat Flappy in the same way, which means it is not a poor facsimile.

The Timberman game is the same in the respect that you have to avoid objects in order to get the highest level possible, but instead of it being a bird trying to avoid pipes, we have a Timberjack avoiding branches.

As far as we can see we have yet to see Timberman users try to cheat scores Flappy Birds users did, although it’s early days yet. Saying that, there are ways in which you can increase your chances of a better score thanks to this handy tips and hints article.

If you love your old school arcade games, then you are going to enjoy playing Timberman. The idea behind the game is to chop trees down, but avoiding the branches as the tress gets smaller and smaller.

On paper it sounds very easy, but trust us it’s harder than you think. There are 8 Timbermen to unlock; all look different to the next, as well as there being 4 variable environments.

Back to those Timberman cheats, we would just like to warn that there are videos on YouTube describing cheats on how to get high scores, but once you play them you are only asked to go to a website, and is not what it seems.

What’s your highest score, as we have a video below showing a score of 572?



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