PS4 price drop future in UK, USA, and India

By Peter Chubb - Aug 7, 2014

The current price for the Sony PS4 in the US is $399, while UK gamers have to pay £349.99 for the base model. The PlayStation 4 price in India is Rs 39,990, although we know if you look hard enough there are deals to be found. However, you might not have to look as hard as you might think if a recent report is anything to go by.

We know that once the likes of Sony has had a new console on the market for a while they consider lowering its price, and there is hope we won’t have to wait as long for this to happen with the PS4 like we did with the PS3.

The PS3 was losing money from the start, but this is not the case with the PlayStation 4, and there is an interesting article that looks at what would happen within the gaming industry if Sony were to offer some sort of price cut before the holiday season.

Things get much tougher in the buildup to Christmas and so Sony could face tougher competition, as well as declining consumer interest because people look for cheaper gifts at a time of year that hits consumer’s bank balances hard.

What if there was a PS4 price drop in the not too distant future for the UK, USA, and India? Ok, so we know the console is still selling well, but what if Sony cut the price, then we could see sales go to the sort of numbers we saw with the PS2, according to the article anyway.

Sony is in a strange position at the moment because the PS4 is already making a profit so early into its life cycle. Profits have been estimated at $20-$40 per unit, although those figures could be a little off, but if this is true, then Sony could cut the price of the PS4 to $349 and almost break even.

This could mean a potential loss per unit of $10-50, but then money could be made on accessories and games, along with the Plus service. We are not certain what sort of saving that would mean in the UK and India, as we know that the US always gets the better deal.

Do you think the profit Sony makes with PlayStation Plus could be a catalyst for a PS4 price cut? With all that said and done, would Sony wish to reduce the price of something that is currently selling well and making them a profit for each console sold?

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  • Guest

    I doubt they would do a price drop soon. Then again, they might because of their rival; Xbox One. Xbox One is not selling well at all. So Microsoft has to do a major price cut very soon, which I hope this will sway Sony soon to do a price cut.

  • WillY_Wonky

    I always thought that £299 to £280 was a fair price for a new console. The reason the Xbox 360 did so well was because of its £209 launch price. However, i can’t see the PS4 dropping in price that much, maybe a £20 price cut. I bought my PS4 back in July though, so a bit late for me lol.

  • nitin bhoasle

    i don’t mind if they keep the price of ps4 same but instead of that if they low down the price of games to 2000 -3000 will be better because we buy console once but games always.ps4 games are very costly.

    • Vahit

      The Game Prices Raised Every Generation Of console !
      PS2 Newest Games 49,99€ After Weeks 29,99€ After Long time 19,99€
      PS3 Newest Games 59,99€ After weeks 39,99€ After Long Time 29,99€
      PS4 Newest Game 69,99€ After Weeks Maybe 49,99€ After long Time Maybe 39,99€ !

      I Always Buy My Games Used Im not Stupid To Pay The Full Price Why They Same Game Only Opened one Time and Played One Time Maybe 15-20 € Lower it will do the Job !
      And you Lost Less Money !