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Facebook Messenger app battery drain reported

People hate being forced into something they do not wish to do, and so you would have thought Facebook would know this already. We are now being forced into installing Facebook Messenger, and as you would imagine users are not happy about it.

Facebook Messenger app battery drain – There are now reports that by installing this app users have noticed that their battery drains at a much faster rate, something that my friends and I have noticed first-hand.

Users have already taken to Twitter expressing their anger after Facebook sent messages out to them stating that the messages part of the Facebook app was going to disappear and that they would have to download and install Messenger.

We like how one girl took action right away, which you can see in the tweets above. However, if you look below there is an easy solution in how to help increase your battery life once again.

It would seem that Twitter is full of people complaining about this and we have to wonder if this is a long-term issue, or if Facebook already has a fix? If not, then we can see people being put off by installing the app, although that would mean losing some of the extra features Messenger brings.

Facebook would have you believe that by separating its two apps it will help to give the user a far better experience, but Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted that in time the company will monetize Messenger, giving them two streams of money from something that only used to generate one.

Have you noticed a battery drain after installing Facebook Messenger?



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