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Surface Pro 4 dependent on sales and CEO patience

Sales of Microsoft’s answer to Android tablets and the iPad have not been that great since its release, and so made sense for them to market the Surface Pro 3 a little different this year, going after the MacBook Air instead. A lot is riding on the current model because if things do not go well this could put a huge question mark over the Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Pro 4 could be dependent on sales of the Pro 3, although the patience of the new CEO Satya Nadella could also be a major factor. Sales of the current Surface Pro have started off slow once again, although this is to be expected seeing as though its release was limited to the US. By the end of this month 25 other countries will get their hands on the Pro 3, including the UK, Europe and China.

Early signs do look positive for the Surface Pro 3, as they have been given more favorable reviews than the previous 2 models, and so this could bode well for the next model in 2015, if it does get released. Microsoft had to write off $38 million in unsold devices, something we are sure Nadella will not wish to repeat.

Microsoft seems willing to ride out the storm to get its new platform off the ground, but how long will they keep doing so if things do not improve? We have seen them cut their losses before because it is better to cut off a limb in order to not spread the infection.

We believe this is something that the new CEO shares, as Nadella has already said he would rather focus on improving services rather than hardware. Who knows, maybe the Surface Pro 4 could be the last if things don’t turn around soon?



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