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Upcoming Panasonic smartphones in India for 2014

When you land on the Panasonic homepage for its mobile devices in India you will be met with a large teaser image stating that a new type of smartphone called Eluga, with the slogan “Elegance for a new Generation”. This does give consumers in India something to look forward to, but that new range is just the start of things to come this year.

A recent report suggests that there are to be 14 new upcoming Panasonic smartphones in India for 2014, which is good going seeing as though there are now less than 5 months to go. One of the reasons for Panasonic to launch so many handsets in such a short period is because they wish to gain around 5 percent of the Indian smartphone market, which is a multi-billion dollar market.

This will be a very optimistic move from Panasonic seeing as though they only entered the smartphone market in India last year, although you would assume that a 5 percent share is very achievable, as long as they have a solid business plan, and decent enough products.

Panasonic has not announced what the 15 new smartphone models will be. They already unveiled the Eluga series, the first of which is the Eluga U, which has a price of Rs 18,990. There are high hopes for this new range, and so it will be interesting to see how well the handset is received, although this first impressions review should give us a good idea of what to expect.

It will be interesting to see just how well Panasonic does, especially when there is fierce competition in India from the likes of Oppo and Xiaomi.

We do know that Panasonic has a price point in mind for its new 2014 range of smartphones for the Indian market, and that is Rs 16,500 to Rs 20,000. While we await the new range, why not take a look at the current 8 models that you can already purchase in India.



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