iPod touch 6th generation substituted by watch

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 4, 2014

Seeing analysts talk about the iPod touch 6th generation being substituted by Apple’s iWatch later in 2014 isn’t reassuring, especially for those that know this portable media player saved the company years ago and is still demanded today as a WiFi phone and pocket computer.

The iPod has decreased in popularity over the years and some people feel it’s clear what the future of Apple’s most popular model, the iPod touch, will be in the coming months. The trend of smart watches isn’t slowing and Apple will almost certainly enter this market in late 2014, or early 2015, so this could be the personal gadget that replaces the iPod touch.

There’s rumored to be two models of iWatch planned and analysts are currently promoting the idea of no iPod touch 6th generation this year. It is possible this is why we saw a slight refresh early in the year, and the iWatch will now take over part of iPod’s utility

One recent iPod touch 6G video uploaded to YouTube in August, 2014, can be seen below this article. This video author considers some of the latest developments at the same time as offering up a wishlist for new features, which include a Touch ID and 5-inch plus display.

Demand still there for iPod touch 6G – reactions to the specs within this video reveal a desire for something new and at least one more refresh. Current owners love the idea of a bigger screen size, mixing the classic’s storage with touch UI and of course gaining upgraded specs while still being able to use this device like a WiFi phone without contracts.


How will you feel if the iPod touch 6th generation misses a release date in 2014, and instead sees a product replacement by Apple’s new iWatch?

Insiders from Asia continually reveal indications of iWatch development and production for Q4 2014. Capacity for the iWatch and current market movement has been looked at in detail by analysts, and the majority predict no refresh this year with the iWatch introduction replacing the iPod touch in Apple’s product lineup.

This will not sit well with fans of the portable media player, although we do wonder if opinions will change with an iWatch being able to make direct WiFi calls without an iPhone being needed? We should also note that while there might be no new iPod touch in 2014, the current device won’t be discontinued any time soon and at the very least Apple will want to see how iWatch sales go first.

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  • Andrea Lincoln

    These wanna be bloggers are really starting to fray my nerves, why would Apple get rid of a product that has been a major staple in their line for years? the iPod gives people the choice to have a device similar to the iPhone, but without the hefty price tag or the contract, the iPad is okay but really it’s about having something you can slip in your back pocket or purse. The iWatch is a completely stupid idea for an invention anyway, Apple would be mental to forfeit the Touch for that junk, but it’s almost like these guys are hoping Apple ditches it, which is exactly why I don’t rely on this site for any quality source material.

  • spencer

    Its gonna be cool.

  • Jezz

    iPod Touch 6 will be released in September/October 2014

  • dan laemont

    I love my old beat out 4th Gen. and have been patiently waiting for 6th Gen. I use it daily and, in fact, my Touch convinced me to buy my first MacBook Air, after a lifetime with Windows Laptops. The preview looks sensational. Thanks for the input, I was about to give up hope.

  • Zing Christopher

    iPod touch please :3

  • Richard

    Do NOT discontinue❗️if you do I will not use any Apple products again. I live on Touch daily. iWatch…please. It. Will fade fast.

    • Fernando

      I totally agree with you, Richard. I’m a huge fan of the iPod touch (currently using a 5th gen iPod touch) and if Apple discontinues the iPod touch, never again will I but their products.

    • Rick Halas

      Am also a big fan of the ipod Touch- carry it everywhere with me. Would dearly love a larger screen, though – 5+ inches!!