Marvel Avengers Alliance new Heroes, leak reality

By Alan Ng - Aug 3, 2014

It’s a very exciting time to be playing Marvel Avengers Alliance, as developers Playdom are doing a good job in providing weekly updates to players ensuring that the game remains fresh and relevant with current events in the Marvel Universe.

We can see that there is plenty of new content that is on the way thanks to the San Diego Comic Con reveal, but we can also see that the initial Marvel Avengers Alliance heroes coming soon leak that we shared last year is starting to look legit as well.

To refresh your memory, we told you back in December 2013 about a leaked infographic that apparently confirmed that the likes of Blade, Doctor Voodoo, Namor, Jubilee and Howard the Duck were all on the way as playable characters.

We’ve added the graphic once again below this post to show you the characters in question. Now, at the time of writing we can see that from that image, Rocket Raccoon, Doctor Voodoo and Iceman are already playable characters in the game.


Additionally, developers Playdom have confirmed during Comic Con that Howard the Duck is coming, while Blade will also be coming around the Holiday period too – ie, in possible reference to a Halloween Spec Ops special.

A Luke Cage Worthy alt has also been confirmed as the Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2 Chapter 7 reward, while we have already had new alt costumes released for She-Hulk and Spider-Man.

Putting these clues together suggests that the image leak was real all along and it means that we could get announcements for Namor and Jubilee soon – Namor remains a massive request from the Marvel community.

Remember that this is on top of plenty of other new Marvel Avengers Alliance characters coming soon as well – these can include Medusa, Karnak and Fixer.

What are your thoughts about Marvel Avengers Alliance in its current state? We were pretty critical of Playdom in relation to many broken items and bugs in the game, but it seems to be a lot more stable at the moment and it’s great to see.

Are you looking forward to these characters coming soon in the months ahead?

[Image source: Avengers Alliance Wiki]

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  • Dee Paul

    who is the woman with this white mask

    • Joe Archambeault III


  • JBR

    i wish, other than blade, the legion of monsters (morbius, k-thurr, man-thing, werewolf by night) will appear as heroes too in MAA for halloween! :))

    • Ill Communication

      Good thinking on the Legion of Monsters being a Halloween possibility! After knowing now that Howard The Duck is now alive and well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ANYTHING’S possible…..especially Man-Thing!

    • NgTurbo

      You may just get your wish on this!

  • Ryuuken

    Can you side by side compare the current Rocket sprite to this one?

  • Rachel Bellum

    Isn’t that Donald Duck rather than Howard the Duck in the picture?