Elio Motors three-wheeler release and production woes

Since the launch of the Polaris Slingshot at the start of the week there has been a renewed interest in Elio Motors three-wheeler release, as it would be a far cheaper option for those of you wishing to have some fun on three wheels. However, there seems to be a few production woes from the general public, and some of them have been contacting us to share their thoughts.

Will the Elio ever be sold to customers? This seems to be the question that has been debated and there doesn’t seem to be a huge belief in Elio Motors promise of releasing its three-wheeler for $7,000. Here are a few reasons why in the words of some Product-reviews readers.

One of our readers said, “Elio has now pushed the production of its car back once again, making it the fourth time. Delivery is now expected September 2015, which is funny considering the original date was the fall of 2012.”

Another reader has commented saying, “Elio has only managed to raise around the quarter of the $200 needed to begin production, hence the delays.” If this is the case, then if they do not have the funding today, then there is no way a delivery date of September 2015 will be met.

The reason why is because getting the tooling and setting up the assembly line takes time, and that’s without training the staff to manufacture these vehicles. You might think a year is a long time, but it isn’t when you take those things into consideration.

Then there is the Elio price, as another reader said, “Getting a vehicle like this with features such as air bags, traction control and the sort of expected performance will come at a price greater than around $7,000.” There is always doubt when someone comes along and states they can produce a vehicle that is almost half the price of the competition. Let’s just see what happens because they could surprise us, especially as there is already a fourth prototype, which the media has tested.

What do you think the chances are of the Elio Motors three-wheeler being released next year?



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