Clash of Clans 6.186.3 APK for Android without hack

By Alan Ng - Aug 2, 2014

Clash of Clans is an amazing game and we are really looking forward to the highly anticipated Clash of Clans August update from Supercell. Due to the popularity of the game, we can also see a huge demand for Clash of Clans APK files, but you should know that there are ways to get your hands on one without needing to resort to Clash of Clash hacks.

Generally, some users are after Clash of Clash APK hacks to get their hands on one thing – free gems. While this sort of activity is still going on, we have spotted that there are Clash of Clans 6.186.3 APK files out there which are the vanilla file from Supercell and no add-on hacks or cheats or anything of that nature.

If you really need an APK for legitimate reasons, especially a Clash of Clans APK for Kindle Fire as an example, then this is the type of file that you should be searching for online.

We won’t provide download links here in case Supercell aren’t happy, but we advise you to seek out APK files that don’t involve hacks. Clash of Clans is great fun and should be played in the correct way – Supercell are preparing to unleash yet another update and they are one developer out of a small handful who are so driven to pleasing the community with frequent support and regular feedback to players on Twitter.

The question is, are you a player who regularly hunts for Clash of Clans APK downloads whenever a new version becomes available? Let us know your experience with Clash of Clans so far and if you have ever been in need of a APK file with no intentions of looking for free gem hacks.

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