Vita victory with PS Plus for August 2014

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 2, 2014

If one platform could be seen as victorious within the free PlayStation Plus games for August 2014, it would be the PS Vita thanks to receiving four games this month. Sony will never please everyone and we’re sure a few Product Reviews readers would disagree with this statement, although most will likely agree considering PS Vita’s PS Plus games for August include Proteus, Fez, Metrico, and Dragon’s Crown.

Those of you with a small collection of titles will truly benefit from 4 more free games, especially if you didn’t buy FEZ already. PS4 owners will get to play the game on both console and handheld if they own both platforms.

Every month, there’s also a lot of disappointed gamers for different reasons. Some of you will own most of the titles being offered for free, or you might be one of those that don’t care much for the lineup.

It’s clear what a number of PS4 and PS Vita owners are thinking by taking a quick look at Twitter, as you can see in some examples of tweets below.

Do you think PS Vita benefited most from the PS Plus update for August 2014? Learn more about Fez in this review, or take a look at the mind twisting Metrico in some gameplay action seen in the video below on this page.

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  • Josh101

    The PS Vita is getting some pretty awesome games. I’m going to cue Dragons Crown because I own it already. Maybe when I get a bigger memory card I’ll go digital with some of the bigger titles. The PS4 has been getting indies obviously, but the fact that we have gotten most indies on LAUNCH DAY makes it pretty much non-issue. I enjoy them. Otherwise I’d probably never play them.