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Nexus 8 speculated since Nexus 7 stock status

The Nexus 7 is now a little overdue for an update, although there is a strong possibility that the Nexus 8 could supersede it instead. Well, we might not have too long to find out because while looking on the Google Play Store in the US and UK, both the 16GB and 32GB models are out of stock.

Nexus 7 stock status – We know that we could be reading too much into this, seeing as though the Nexus 10 has been in and out of stock, and while it sparked off a frenzy suggesting the 2014 Nexus 10 was coming, this just led to the tablet coming back into stock.

Rumors in regard to a Nexus 8 release have been happening more frequently, which would suggest that the new tablet is inbound, although we know how fickle these rumors can be. Having said that, with ASUS’s Nexus tablet now out of stock this will no doubt start the rumor mill up once again, and could even kick it into overdrive.

We still do not know if the Nexus 8 will replace the 7, as there have been conflicting rumors. One suggests the new tablet could be from HTC and will come with a 7.9-inch display, whereas others believe it will still be called the 8, but will have a 8.9-inch screen instead. Then again, the larger size could end up being the Nexus 9.

Whatever comes of this latest stock status, we wonder if the upcoming iPad mini rival from the Nexus family will stick with the letterbox display?



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