Killer Instinct disc version release date for Xbox One

Killer Instinct initially launched on the Xbox One as a free download with micro-transactions. This week though, we bring news that a Killer Instinct disc version on Xbox One is coming to retail this Fall.

Microsoft has made the announcement and it means that if you haven’t had an opportunity to play the game yet, you can now own a physical disc version of the classic reboot.

For collectors, this is great news and we also have a price for you – $19.99. This price will include all 8 fighters from Killer Instinct Season 1 and also TJ Combo from Season 2.

So far we know that the disc version is coming to the US on 23rd September, but at the moment there has been no confirmation on a UK release. We are assuming that it’s only matter of time though until a Killer Instinct disc version for UK is announced for September 26 – since games always release on a Friday in the country.

What are your thoughts on this, are you tempted to take up Microsoft’s offer for $19.99? The addition of TJ Combo as a deal sweetener is a nice incentive. Obviously after that we will see more characters come available when Season 2 rolls out properly.



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