GTA V Casino doors opening soon

Earlier on this week we spoke about the fact that some players had been able to gain access to the closed GTA V casino by using glitches. This week though, we have actual evidence to suggest that the GTA V Casino DLC is coming soon as Rockstar has again been updating their source code with new hints.

As most of you know though, this GTA V rumor involving Casino DLC has been going around for months and so far, Rockstar has not released any official information to suggest that it is coming to the game.

Behind the scenes though, we can definitely see that they are working on it. Regular GTA V hacker “Chr0m3 X MoDz” has revealed a new video showing new lines of code from Rockstar’s file.

We can show you code here which contains the text ‘Casino Door’ several times, take a look and see what you think:


At the moment, you can head through one set of casino doors, but the main casino door is closed so obviously that code tells us that Rockstar are making plans to let players in soon.

The big question is when. They still haven’t been able to provide GTA Online Heists for everyone and it looks like it could land with next-gen versions as initially feared by the community.

Still, we’re happy with the free pieces of DLC that Rockstar keep offering and the next GTA V update 1.16 should be arriving on Tuesday August 5 as we told you here.

Are you looking forward to gambling your GTA V money away in the Casino? Let us know if you believe all of the rumors suggesting that the doors will be opening soon.



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