FIFA 15 Neymar in, Ronaldinho out

By Alan Ng - Aug 1, 2014

We have some important FIFA 15 news to bring you now, especially if you are a fan of Brazilian football. While most of you are looking forward to seeing Neymar Jr at Barcelona in the game, it looks like another Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho won’t be included.

This week we can confirm that EA Sports has been unable to reach a deal to secure the Brazilian domestic league in FIFA 15. This is really bad news for some FIFA 15 ultimate team players as it means that Ronaldinho who has been playing for Atlético Mineiro may not be included in the game.

This can also apply to other exciting Brazilian players such as Pato and Jadson who also play in the Brazilian league. A statement by EA has been released and we can show it to you in full:

“Today, we want to inform you that due to some changes in the ways players are licensed in Brazil domestic leagues, we were unable to reach an agreement with the Brazilian rights holders for their inclusion in FIFA 15. While this is unfortunate news for many of our fans, we were able to retain the Brazil National Team in FIFA 15 as well as the Brazilian stars that play in other top leagues around the world.”

Fortunately, we will still get the Brazil national team in FIFA 15 so rest assured you’ll be able to select Neymar Jr and Coutinho in their Brazil shirts when FIFA 15 arrives.

The news has already hit fans on social media though, take a look at some of the initial reaction that we have seen so far.

There’s still a possibility that a FIFA 15 Ronaldinho Legend card may still come out, so hopefully EA can make this happen before Autumn. Ronaldinho still has the skills in our opinion and it would be a sad day if he isn’t included in FIFA 15.

Would you still have Ronaldinho in your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team? Let us know your thoughts on this news and if you are surprised that EA was unable to secure the license. It’s not through a lack of money surely – they could probably pay for the Brazilian league thanks to your Gold pack openings alone.

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  • Isaac2014

    Has he gone to a mexico team now

  • Vahit

    He Will Be in Fifa 15 Because he Is a Free Agency Now He didnt Have a Club !
    And he wil go to A Club Outside Of Brazil !

    • olivermansson

      No, the free agents are national team players that doesn’t play in a FIFA 15 club. Since Ronaldinho sadly isn’t included in the Brazil national team, he won’t be a free agent.

      • johnson

        he signed with the Mexican side, I just bought the game but he’s not in the squad!!!

        • scrrrr

          I got it the day it came out and he actually was in it but a few days ago it’s like he went missing they just took him from the game…

      • Vahit

        Lol He is In Fifa 15 Because he join a Mexican team i know this will happen !