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Facebook login delivers white screen in UK

It’s not exactly clear why, but we’re hearing from Facebook users in the UK trying to login and finding their profile not working thanks to a white screen. Facebook isn’t down today, although they did run into problems earlier on in July, and the current issues seem related to a coding glitch hitting certain users in the UK.

We’ve not heard from anyone having issues in other countries like the United States, although there’s clearly some issues targeting certain Facebook accounts with only a white screen displaying in web browsers when users try to sign in. We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment on this white screen glitch, and to confirm what areas are being hit.

One Product Reviews reader said, “I’m with Sky Broadband and cannot get Facebook to work at all. I’ve tried logging in and just see a total white screen with no error message. I wonder if it’s related to Sky Broadband or Facebook? Let me know if you’re having issues with the same ISP”. Another added, “I can’t log on with Firefox, Chrome, or IE”.

Are you receiving a white screen after signing into Facebook and if so, what broadband provider are you on? We’ve checked with BT in the UK today, and everything is working fine, so feel free to share a comment if you cannot access the social network right now.



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