Facebook down today with social buttons

- Aug 2, 2014

Facebook is down following the news earlier today that they were experiencing problems with a blank white sign in page. Since that report, we can now confirm the Facebook website is not working along with social like buttons that many bloggers use on their own websites.

The error message most people are seeing states, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can”. You then have the option to go back or try and visit their help page, although this doesn’t do much thanks to the website continually crashing.

Is Facebook down for you today and if so, what part of the world are you in? We will update our readers as we get more and will try to find out if these latest issues are related to the blank white screen people saw in the UK earlier today.

Update: We’ve contacted some friends and partners in New York and London, both locations either see the Facebook outage or keep getting a broken connection to social pages. If you’re running any of the web Facebook buttons, they won’t be working until the website comes back up and you’ll likely just see a blank blue image.

It looks like everything is working again.

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  • Shobhit

    Down in India as well for approx 2 hrs

    • ThelmaCHiser

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  • Roshan

    down in Nepal

  • Kathleen Coleman Olazaran

    Down in Houston/ Katy TX

  • Angela Dyke

    Was down in North Carolina, USA…but we survived! LOL

  • Afaq

    Working in Pakistan but some page dosen’t load at first but then they work

  • aets

    Down in Taiwan

  • FilipinoGuy

    I cannot access from Philippines

    • Cheese

      Pabalik balik.

  • Lloyd

    Facebook is just fine here in Dubai.