Sony IFA 2014 keynote date, now waiting on Samsung

We already know that IFA 2014 takes place in Berlin on September 5th to 10th, but as yet we have not heard from any of the other big players as to when their keynotes will be, until today that is. We have recently learned that the Sony IFA 2014 keynote date could be on September 3rd, and could be when the company unveils the Sony Xperia Z3 and Compact devices.

Sony has yet to come out and officially announce their participation during IFA, although Xperiablog believes this will be the date and so we will just have to wait and see. If this is true Sony might have no choice but to make an announcement soon, and so it is the hope that others start following soon.

We would expect to learn the Samsung IFA 2014 Unpacked keynote date and time very soon, seeing as though it is only just 5 weeks away, and you will be amazed at how fast that time will go.

It is good news that Sony could showcase its full-size and compact Xperia Z3 handsets, but most eyes will be on Samsung, as they are expected to unveil the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 4. We are not certain if they have plans to reveal any other products, although the Note 4 is a pretty big deal on its own, as it will become the new flagship handset from the company.

What are your expectations from IFA this year, and how do you think the Galaxy Note 4 will differ from the Note 3?



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