PS4 Vs Xbox One sales: Sony wins first war

By Alan Ng - Jul 31, 2014

Sony has revealed their latest sales figures for Q1 2014 and there has been some significant differences in the results in terms of the PS4 Vs Xbox One sales, with Microsoft having already revealed their Q1 2014 figures previously.

Microsoft has already said that they managed to sell 1.1 million Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles in Q1 2014. Now Sony has announced that they have bettered this amount, by achieving 3.5 million PS4 and PS3 consoles sold in the same period.

That means that currently, Sony are outselling Microsoft by a 3:1 ratio in terms of PlayStation Vs Xbox. It’s ironic to note that this is following a very similar pattern in which Sony faced back when the Xbox 360 was significantly outselling the PS3.

The figures have been confirmed with a article published by, while a further report from BBC News tells the story of how Sony has made a turnaround in terms of overall profits thanks to the help of PS4 sales.

With both consoles now selling at the $399 price point after Microsoft opted to finally sell their console without a Kinect camera, it suggests that strong software this Holiday season will ultimately decide the next sales battle.

Are you surprised that Sony is outselling Microsoft by 3:1 at the moment? Let us know your predictions on if you think Sony can continue this strong momentum, or if you think it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft makes a comeback.

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  • Jamie

    Gotta say, tried a friends Xbox one and it was a piece of crap. Had to shout at it fifteen times to make it do anything and the menu was confusing to navigate at times. Haven’t tried the PS4 yet but pretty sure it’s better.

  • Vahit

    Im Not A Fanboy I have PS3 And XBox 360 But PS4 Is the Better Console And the People Know It Thats The Reason Why People Buy It More !

  • Josh101

    Surprised? No. By the way Microsoft revealed sold-to numbers, which is sold to retailers. Sony released sold-through, which is sold to consumers. Sony is severely crushing Microsoft, even with the price cut on XboxOne. Microsoft deserves it after the way they treated their customers. They didn’t reverse a single anti-consumer policy until they saw pre-order numbers and panicked. That’s not listening to your customers, that’s pandering to their pocket size.

    • Herve Shango

      agreed as a long time playstation console buyer and fan plus i’m a pc gamer as well i own both playstation consoles and pc gaming laptop and i have to say sony is burning a hole through microsoft xbone.

  • Kbrauneis

    Not surprised… alot of xbox customers had to end up buying a replacement ( red ring of death) and most of the features in xbox one are only avail for us based cust. the rest of the world is on the ps4 bandwagon.

  • Alex

    I’m not surprised at all. Microsofts whole sales pitch was that you can talk to your machine. Who in their right mind gets a kick out of doing that

    • shakins

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