Pokemon Diancie US, UK event for Mega evolution

By Alan Ng - Jul 31, 2014

It has been a while since we last gave some Pokemon news to our readers. We have some updated details to bring you now regarding Diancie, the Pokemon X and Y creature which legit players are still waiting to receive in the US.

We say legit, as it’s no secret that a vast number of Pokemon X and Y players would have already obtained Diancie by using certain Pokemon X and Y cheats commonly referred to as Power Saves.

For everyone else though, we can confirm that you can get your hands on Diancie this Fall via Gamestop. The US retailer has confirmed this as a fact, although we are still waiting for the exact nature on how the Diancie codes will be distributed.

We imagine it will just be a case of going in and either buying something, to which the Diancie code will be printed on a receipt for you to enter on your 3DS.

There’s also no details announced for the Pokemon Diancie UK event, although don’t be surprised if this involves UK retailer GAME instead. What we can tell you is that you’ll need to get Diancie this way if you plan on using Mega Diancie in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this November.

Whispers are suggesting that you won’t be able to catch Diancie by normal means in ORAS, so getting Diancie through a Pokemon X and Y event and then transferring the Pokemon over seems like your best bet.

Does it annoy you that it has taken so long to get Diancie legitimately, when other players are just hacking their way to new Pokemon before you?

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  • mysrey

    lame you don’t show the code

  • mystry

    Really sick of having to go to Gamestop. I buy/sell my games online like any sane person. Looks like I’ll just wait for a clone of this event. Until then, I am happy with my Japanese Diancie collection.

  • Alahna

    So, wait. If I go to gamestop now, will they tell me stuff? Not give me the code, but tell me how to get it??

    • pdwinnall

      They will tell you that you’ll have to wait and just say its a mystery gift thing like meloetta and that’s it

    • shakins

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