GTA V Zombie DLC with new evidence

We are still waiting for Rockstar to bring the first GTA V story DLC to the game since launch, but this week we have uncovered some new hints suggesting that the GTA V zombie DLC likelihood is not so farfetched after all.

After the likes of Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare which was amazing, there has been a huge demand to see Rockstar bring zombie content over to GTA V in time for Halloween.

While we have only had mere rumors to go on in the last few months, some interesting details have been found thanks to a new source code leak that GTA V Forum members have discovered.

While we are not saying that this is 100% connected to zombie-related content in GTA V, just take a look at this new line of code that Rockstar has put into the game recently:


Again, we can’t confirm that this is really related to zombies, but we at least wanted to share with you the latest whispers and see what you make of it. If it isn’t connected to zombies, then it definitely is connected to another new piece of GTA V DLC that we haven’t seen yet.

Halloween is approaching in a few months of course. Imagine if Rockstar can win everyone over by bringing a similar zombie mode as to what we saw with Red Dead Redemption.

It would be an instant win in our opinion, but we have a feeling that even if they charged for this content – gamers would be happy to pay as who doesn’t love zombies?

While we try to find out if this is really connected to zombies, let us know your ideas on how a GTA V ‘Undead Nightmare’ zombie mode could work in GTA V with the current characters and story.

Would you love to see Rockstar make this happen? Make your voices heard below.



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