GM slow on ignition switch recall, say customers

We had to mention General Motors in an article that looked at the latest Nissan recall, as the former has had the lion’s share of car recalls this year. GM is facing a huge backlash for the way in which they have handled the whole ignition switch recall, as it is clear customers are not happy with how slow the carmaker has been to respond.

General Motors has had to pay a series of fines for its slow response in issuing recalls for affected vehicles, and CBS News mentions in its report that people have now gone to court to get justice on behalf of the allegedly 658 people killed over the years because of the faults.

Almost 2.6 million vehicles from GM have been affected by this recall, and CBS has learned that GM is slow on the ignition switch recall. They have managed to find out that only 25 percent of the almost 2.6 million vehicles have been recalled to be fixed. If you are worried, then you can check your VIN to see if your vehicle is affected by these recalls.

According to the report the other 75 percent are still on the roads with the faulty ignition switch. It is believed that GM does not have enough stock to repair the faulty parts, and so could be the reason why the company has been slow in repairs.

However, General Motors has come out and said that they have more parts than demand and they are dealing with all the cars affected.

Their excuse is that owners with affected vehicles might not be paying attention, hence why they have yet to be fixed. While we do not wish to add an opinion on such a sensitive subject, if GM were delaying these recalls, then the NHTSA will start to take more serious action.



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