Ebola virus outbreak leads to new app

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 1, 2014

The recent Ebola virus outbreak has led to an increase in people looking to learn more about this disease, its symptoms, and of course learning exactly what Ebola is. This information can be gained in a number of ways with online websites, although sometimes you might want to take the details with you and this is where nothing beats an app for Android, iOS, or other mobile platforms.

It’s pretty quick to get an Android app uploaded to the Google play store when compared to iTunes review process, as you can see with a new application landing on the Android app store this week appropriately named “About Ebola”.

You can see the application has been created in a hurry to meet the need for finding out about the Ebola virus after this outbreak. The design leaves a lot to be desired, but the information is there in text form and with limited graphics.

The About Ebola Android app released within the last 3 days and has a positive 4 star rating already, even if the number of ratings are limited thanks to under 500 installs at this time.

Within the release notes you can see that volunteers helped make the app even more useful. They made it possible to read about the Ebola virus in Krio, Liberian English, Jola, and Wolof thanks to translations. They also plan to add more African languages over time, although the app is only at version 1.0 at this time thanks to being just a matter of days old.

You can download the Android application on Google play right here, and start learning about the Ebola virus considering the outbreak is featuring on most mainstream news stations this week. There’s simple precautions to help protect your family, and this will also help to stop the disease from spreading.

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