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COD Advanced Warfare app to update on weapons

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare set to be released on November 4th on a multitude of consoles we are not shocked to see several apps released on Google Play to make the wait that little easier. We know fans of the franchise look for every morsel of information in regard to the game, with the COD: Advanced Warfare weapons list and maps being two of the most desired.

One app that offers such information is called Guide for Advanced Warfare and was updated earlier this month. Once downloaded you will be met with a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare countdown to its release, although there is far more to this app than just that.

In the menu section you will see a selection of categories, which include Weapons, Trailers, Killstreaks, Maps, Info, Vehicles, and finally Gadgets. Most of these will only update once the game has been released. However, as we get closer to November 4th, we do expect the developer to share some of the more important details.

Once this becomes available to us, then we expect one of my colleagues, Alan Ng to offer his insight into what he thinks. We can’t wait to see what he has to say about the maps and especially those weapons. Some of his most recent articles looked at the Pro Edition, photorealism and also insight into the Exoskeleton.

If you have been wondering why there is a need to download this app, then the answer is rather simple, as Guide for Advanced Warfare is updated on an hourly basis, so whatever news has been released this app will have it.



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