PS4 1.76 to 1.80 highly requested features

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2014

We were one of the first to break the news on the PS4 1.75 update going live earlier this week. As expected, Sony finally gave users 3D Blu-Ray support and in-turn, managed to get the feature out before Microsoft who are still putting the final touches on the Xbox One August 2014 update which will also introduce the same feature.

While it’s great to be able to watch our 3D Blu-Ray collection on our PS4 at last, we can still see that there are a number of missing PS4 features that users are still begging Sony for.

With this in mind, we bring a reminder of some of the features that should be on the way in the future. All of which are also heavily requested from the PS4 community as you can see from our included feedback from social media.

PS4 Folders

First up is PS4 Folders. Some of you may have noticed that there isn’t an option to organise files and games that have been installed to the hard drive. At the moment, all you’ll see are tiles, tiles and more tiles – press down on a particular game and you’ll be greeted with a game’s personal space – with more tiles.

The PS4 interface is obviously a work in progress and we are assuming that Sony is currently working out a strategy to have a much more organized PS4 navigation for users – a normal expectation given that users will be starting to eat into that 500GB hard drive space by the end of the year.

DLNA Support:

Along with HDCP, DLNA media support for the PS4 has been a massive request from fans, who want to be able to use their PS4 as a media server and play content streamed from the PC. This was a standard feature with the PS3 so again we are assuming that it’s only a matter of time before Sony offers this to fans.

We can actually bring you an ‘official’ update on this of sorts, as a Sony employee has taken to Reddit to seemingly confirm that the PS4 DLNA release will be in ‘early 2015’, not 2014.

More native apps:

It’s no secret that the PS4 is missing a native YouTube app. You can still enjoy YouTube on PS4 with a clever workaround which we showed you here, but it’s still not the same as having a standalone app which you can launch from the home space.

Apps are something in which Sony should be improving on in our opinion. People say that the PS4 is a gaming system, but there’s no harm in getting more apps to improve functionality for when users want a break from gaming.

The more apps the better we say. How amazing would it be if Sony somehow agreed to launch Spotify on the PS4? – Although not very likely given that Sony are still trying to push their own subscription-based Music Unlimited onto users.

Those are just some of the highly requested features that stick out for us but obviously we are guessing that most of you will have other features that you want to see as a priority. We are not counting on most of these to arrive with the next PS4 1.76 update, but anything is possible in terms of the PS4 1.80 update – the next milestone on the horizon which should be classed as a ‘major’ update.

3D Blu-Ray support is great, but what would you like to see from Sony next? Most of you would have paid $400 at launch so let us know what you think would justify your purchase completely.

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  • Karl

    Custom settings/Dynamic Themes

  • tim

    Change custom background image and friend notifications

  • Demontre Wiley

    I have a roku, so I don’t care much about the entertainment side of the entertainment system. I do have some 3D movies that I bought on PSN that I would love to play, however. I have no idea why I can’t play them on my ps4 if blu-ray 3D is now supported.

    And yeah, I wouldn’t mind an organization system, but I’ve recently gotten into telling the PlayStation to play a game or app instead of looking for it, so I don’t really worry about the folders.

    Other than a Steam App, which is impossible, I don’t have any real complaints. As long as the system can play my games, and play it well, I’m good.

  • ziggy

    Flash player support and a antivirus for web browser on ps4

  • ziggy

    4k support

  • ziggy

    External hd support with auto formating without using via usb

  • David Miller

    1. Media support via USB (video/audio/pics)
    2. Folders
    3. Custom background options (color choices, pic/wallpaper, themes, dynamic themes)

    (stole this from another guy, but whole-heartedly agree with the idea

  • DrGhettoblaster

    1. Media support via USB (video/audio/pics)
    2. Folders
    3. Custom background options (color choices, pic/wallpaper, themes, dynamic themes)

  • isaac

    everyone says oh its a video game console. if its just a stupid video game console then why charge almost $600 after taxes for it. i bought one. (dumbest thing i did) i ripped all my movies onto a external hdd. cause it worked on my ps3. it took me nearly 2 years to get all my movies on there.all from DVD’s.. NOT STOLEN… all my pics of my little ones births and ect.. all my music.. everythingi owned on cd or dvd. i spent alot of money to get it put on my external hdd. i let the kids use the ps4 as a (video game console) but us adults… we use it to play music and watch movies and look at pics. via USB…. BUT !!!! we don’t get to do that anymore.. i love my playstation.. but i can’t do this .. i need a reason to keep this waste of money.. (oh the ps4 is way more powerful then the ps3) sure it might be.. but it doesn’t do anything, except play video game. thats it !!!!

    • Jeffrey Kuhl

      $200 in taxes? I think not. At 8.25% sales tax….which is pretty high….it would be $33 in taxes on top of a $400 console. That equals $433. Way to blow things out of proportion. As far as what the console can do….be patient. The updates are coming.

  • Joe

    What does DLNA even stand for…

  • Greg Stone

    The ability to play audio CDs.

  • mechlord

    Two things: dlna and the ability to manage my vita the same way I can on the ps3.

  • crow

    its all planned…the console will run remsatred games and 8bit indies
    crap made for hipsters to collect enough money from us.after a half year we might see
    some features and good games

  • crow

    its all planned…the game will run remsatred games with 8bit indies crap made for hipsters to collect money after a half year we might see some features and good games

  • EverAlwaysRealLife

    what is DLNA?

  • nikolas

    My PS4 is a FIFA machine. Ok add a little Battlefield to that but still. They should have more games out before console`s launch. Or at least some apps so we can use it more. I should have waited a year or so…

  • Jester

    Why isn’t Bluetooth support on the list?

    Did everyone forget you can’t use the most convenient mic of all? Maybe no one uses mics. For something so basic, we shouldn’t be waiting for it. And Sony hasn’t addressed it because no one has been asking for it.

    Let’s change that.

  • Wolverick

    My 400 purchase is already more than justified. Sony put out a solid system with a great library. All these requests would be nice but I don’t feel like i’m missing anything without them.

  • Blac585

    What happened still no HBO go

    • Tommy70

      I would like a twitch app as well.

  • Eugene

    Want to be able to load videos, music and photos like with the ps3. Or just be able to stream it through my hard drive!!

  • bez87

    You put Youtube app as one, we already know Sony have partnered up with YouTube at E3 and will have an app which your’ll be able to stream straight to using the share button, it’s coming be patient

  • doom guy

    It’s a Video Game Console. Games are it’s number ONE Priority. Everything else is a distant second. You want YouTube, FB, MP3, Video playback, etc. Go buy the thousands of other cheap products on the market. Sony doesn’t owe any of you anything. Nobody forced you to buy the PS4.

    • Kenneth


    • Tonia Addison-Hall

      Agreed, BUT YouTube is a must because it goes hand-in-hand with gaming. I look up videos on YouTube on the game I am playing at the time if I get stuck or need help. I also want to be able to actually SHARE my escapades with that share button to YOUTUBE, not Twitch and Ustream where my friends aren’t!

      • Jeffrey Kuhl

        Nobody wants to watch you play video games anyway.

        • Tonia Addison-Hall

          Get a life you sad little boy.

    • Andrew Morgan

      Actually i did i bought the xbox one and it’s amazing so there 🙂

  • Sergio Ferra

    I want Playstation home on the system Because I have spent a lot of money on it and I can’t stand the fact of spending money and not owing the things I bought.

    • You actually spent money in Playstation Home?

    • Seriously

      You may be the only person actually wanting this.

  • benbenkr

    Lol… before any of this, what Sony needs to do is add 2 very major, yet overlooked and taken for granted compulsory options:

    1) Manual download pause
    2) Batch queue download pending

    These 2 options, are on the PS3 since the dawn of time.
    These 2 options are the most basic of archaic options in today’s electronic devices, I mean for fuck’s sake… a phone can do it, the PS4 can’t? WTF?

    What sort of idiot programmers does Sony hire?

  • FoRSaKeN 1

    I don’t just want folders.. I want customized folders.. so we can put games into different categories.. like.. New ./ Most Played / Old / Kids Games / Indies / Downloaded Games.. etc.

  • Jerry Flowers

    Upgrade sub account to master I’m 19 now with hundreds of $ of value from games and such but I can’t stream or even see my psn account balence.

  • 12Stepper4Life

    It’s simple really……I could easily put MUCH NEEDED in front of every one of these…

    1. Media support via USB (video/audio/pics)
    2. Folders
    3. Custom background options (color choices, pic/wallpaper, themes, dynamic themes)

  • *Travis*

    Friend Notifications and Dynamic Backgrounds is all I need!!!!!

  • Bernie

    Media support for watching videos and listening to music via USB would be great as well as cleaning up the dashboard with Folders.

  • Guest

    Media support (Video, audio, and picture files) via USB just like the PS3 had. HUGE step backwards taking this, nowadays EXPECTED, feature away from PS4.

  • ciph3ro

    DLNA will take until early 2015?

    They don’t have enough money and talent to fix it before that?
    I use my PS3 mainly for DLNA, Youtube and Netflix streaming and I can tell you the YouTube is ok (sound stutters often) but especially the DLNA streaming is garbage even on an amazing connection. It will buffer and freeze for not reason.

    I have been holding off from buying one because it does less than my PS3. It makes no sense
    I will still not buy one until then. If they write a DNLA app for ChromeCast I won’t even buy one at all.
    I have about 20+ games and have only really played the one. When you grow up there is little time to play games.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Maybe you should just find better files of the movies/TV shows you steal….The ONLY people worried about DLNA support are the thieves who can’t watch certain movies straight on their consoles because of the Cinivida audio protection…..Maybe don’t steal movies and you wont need the DLNA support, they aren’t stupid they’re in no rush because they know that is exactly why people want it

      • guest121

        Here in Hungary and IN THE WHOLE WORLD EXCEPT U. FUCK1NG S. A. you have no source of serieses which are in air in CBS, FX, Fox whatever. ..

        so I have to “steal” them.what a monster am i

      • Chris freeman

        I stream family pictures n miss the ability to use those photos as a slideshow during family events . i for one still get more use out of my ps3 therefore afraid I can never get rid of it or unplug it . also PS store having more updated and competitive prices on aged games . crazy a new madden come our in two weeks n the ole one is still the same price . I found out full copy of Gamez that are on discount have bad reviews n low rates . and free games for people who pay the subscription are bad outdated traffic games s 12 year old can develops . horrible marketing I don’t buy a 21st century game in dump 100 dollare a year to play a 19th century game that doesn’t utilize the potential of the console . its sad

        • Holy crap that was hard to read. You might be the only person that bought a $400 video game console to do photo slideshows.

      • Jeffrey Kuhl

        I have digital copies of all my blu rays. That’s not illegal. I also have home videos and photos. Also not illegal. I know the support is coming, so I’m not worried, but don’t act like it’s not important. The PS4 shouldn’t be a downgrade from the PS3. I play games on it, but I want it to be a one stop shop.

    • Guest

      You bought a video game console for mainly media streaming??? WTF!? is wrong with you?? there are lots and lots of cheaper alternatives.

  • mina360

    You have forgotten two important thing

    1- friends notifications
    2- Pause download s