LOL 4.13 patch notes live

We have been keeping you updated with progress regarding the highly anticipated release of League of Legends Patch 4.13 and now we’re pleased to say that it has gone live. As a result, we can bring you the full and official LOL 4.13 patch notes which have just been released by Riot Games.

Earlier this week, we told you about some of the changes that need to be in the game, changes that were suggested by the community after noticing some issues in the game.

Officially speaking though, Riot Games has provided another monster patch for players. Not only is there a vast list of bug fixes which always arrive with each new LOL update, we can see that there are a ton of general gameplay tweaks as well.

These involve things like a significant tweak to the Marksmen in the game, notably Graves, Jinx and Kog’Mor. There’s also balance changes to Summoner Spell and Match Loading Speeds.

You can check out the whole thing in the patch notes link here. Let us know if you are already playing on LOL 4.13 and your thoughts on all of the new updates so far.



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