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Hike Messenger and Free Music apps top in India

When looking for the top apps in India two jumped out at us, as these are the Hike Messenger and Free Music Download Plus for SoundCloud. These apps do share one thing in common, they give the user just what they want, and that is an amazing experience.

If you were to do a search for the best free music apps in India, we bet the Free Music app is one of the first on the list of results, well half a million users cannot be wrong.

We know that many of you will be skeptical about downloading such an app, seeing as though there is plenty of choice, but some users have come out and said this blows the competition out of the water. Not only can you download your favorite music, but also podcasts, news and comedy. More details of this can be found on iTunes, but we would just like to inform you that many of the features of Free Music Download Plus works offline.

Hike Messenger is one of the top free aps on iTunes India, making it more popular than WhatsApp in that country. What makes this chat app stand out in the crowd is its improved security features, as privacy is taken to a whole new level.

If you enjoy Facebook Messenger for its stickers, then you will also like Hike, as it also comes with this feature. However, as a little extra you have a choice of chat themes, so when you make a change it changes for your friends as well, although this does sound a little strange.

For more details and to see if you would like to give this chat app for India a go, then please visit iTunes.



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