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Clash of Clans August 2014 update for troops

It’s that time again when Clash of Clans players will be expecting new content to arrive from Supercell. Looking ahead to the anticipated Clash of Clans August 2014 update, what are your biggest features that you would like to see next?

As most of you know, Supercell has been providing great support for the game since launch and players are now expecting a major update each month. In turn, Supercell has been more than happy to deliver and cater to fans with at least one new update a month.

As a result, we can see that speculation is already running wild on what Supercell plans to do this month to make Clash of Clans even better with the next update.

Back in July we told you that Supercell had introduced Pekka level 5 with the last update, while they also made plenty of tweaks to other areas of the game too, including a new Valkyrie and Jump spell.

Over on the forums, we can see that the requests are coming in thick and fast for Supercell to implement some brand new spells in the game. One of the best ideas that we have picked out comes from forum user SirDrake10625 who wants to put forward his ‘Dark Knight’ troop barracks idea to Supercell.

We think it sounds great, just have a read of the description here and see what you think:


Obviously, there is no guarantee that Supercell will even see his idea, but we think it would be really nice if they did and considered it for a future update.

It’s just one idea of several which you can check out in the forum link above. The Clash of Clans August update release date is coming so let us know what you would like to see below.



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