Clash of Clans August 2014 update for troops

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2014

It’s that time again when Clash of Clans players will be expecting new content to arrive from Supercell. Looking ahead to the anticipated Clash of Clans August 2014 update, what are your biggest features that you would like to see next?

As most of you know, Supercell has been providing great support for the game since launch and players are now expecting a major update each month. In turn, Supercell has been more than happy to deliver and cater to fans with at least one new update a month.

As a result, we can see that speculation is already running wild on what Supercell plans to do this month to make Clash of Clans even better with the next update.

Back in July we told you that Supercell had introduced Pekka level 5 with the last update, while they also made plenty of tweaks to other areas of the game too, including a new Valkyrie and Jump spell.

Over on the forums, we can see that the requests are coming in thick and fast for Supercell to implement some brand new spells in the game. One of the best ideas that we have picked out comes from forum user SirDrake10625 who wants to put forward his ‘Dark Knight’ troop barracks idea to Supercell.

We think it sounds great, just have a read of the description here and see what you think:


Obviously, there is no guarantee that Supercell will even see his idea, but we think it would be really nice if they did and considered it for a future update.

It’s just one idea of several which you can check out in the forum link above. The Clash of Clans August update release date is coming so let us know what you would like to see below.

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  • ASE

    Map still has alot of space to be used. Water and sides. What I would like to see is add a different reward system. Like can wager gems and can fight if successful you can pick a chest maybe nothing or maybe a couple gems. Supercell needs to loosen up on rewards and accomplishments in the game. The goblin map to finish pays 20 gems what a rip.

  • ASE

    How about a ban button for hoppers or players that leave during a war. How many players are named Joe

  • ❗️XxWhiteShadowxX❗️

    That’s back in the old days dark knight

  • ❗️XxWhiteShadowxX❗️

    So basicaly the dark knight is a barbarian

  • MMarsh

    I think a witch for the normal troops would be awesome and some gargoyles to add more protection to the town hall would be cool. Maybe a private chat for the leader co leaders and elders

    • bulldog king

      Yeah a private chat would be great for co-leaders elders and so on members don’t need to see everything leaders need to talk about I have wanted to see this in a update for a while

  • Adan Hernandez

    Should add rank always look for leader in need lol. But i suggest u create more rank and structure to connect feeder clan or other in one chat . Leader can join any chat:) that would be great in under control

  • dude

    New dark troops- 1 UFO- targets town hall and summons aliens similar to the witch but is an air troop unlike witch. Would be as slow as balloons but have hit points like golems and do damage like golems. Drops asteroids instead of bombs like balloons.

    Dark troop #2- Ninja- fastest troop in the game, but similar to wizard (does a lot of damage but little hit points) throws shuriken and the cool thing about it is it becomes invisible once deployed and stays invisible for 10 seconds at level 1. Only defense that can attack it while invisible is the inferno tower. Also, it jumps over walls like hog riders.

    Dark troop #3- Pheonix- The dragon of the dark troops, however it goes for defenses and like the golem, it splits in half once dead but unlike the golem, the damage and hit points only get reduced by half.

    Dark troop #4- Minotaur- Most powerful troop in the game however takes the longest and costs 1,000 dark elixir each. Ability is it hits the ground near buildings and makes and earthquake and damages all nearby buildings and enemy troops. Also, when the earthquake happens, its invulnerable to all area splash defenses and troops. Basic stats- damage per second- 350 hit points- 4,000 movement speed-20 ps- when it dies, a much bigger earthquake happens, doing double damage than its normal attack.

  • yelsew03

    I think that the prices of the walls should be lower and that they should make dark spells. I also like the idea of new troops, so that would be a great addition to the game.

  • justin villarreal

    And more dark elixir storages

  • justin villarreal

    We should get more gems like 500000 to start off in the new update and more hero like master wizard and stone giant and for dark barracks u should add spider queen and dwarves and u should add a valkrie riding a 3 headed werewolf k thxx hope u add tgose stuff

    • bob the builder

      500000 gems?!?!? you could max your base haha so that’s not gonna happen and new heros is not likely to happen any time soon but new Dark troops would be nice as long they aren’t as OP as some of the ideas on here

  • Julius Mouse

    I like the idea of a flying variation of the goblin. Like how minions are flying archers(basically) and hogs are jumping giants (basically)
    We have things that bypass walls and target “anything” or “defenses” but nothing that seeks resources.
    Just a thought.

  • Recon Haze

    lvl 4 half of max Laboratory (lvl 8) you should be able to research 2 at once. New dark troops. Dark elixir spells. lower the cost of walls. Would love these, game would keep more people guaranteed.

    • Recon Haze

      possibly a new Town hall 11, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon lol

    • Julius Mouse

      I dark elixir spells is genius!

  • coc star

    I think that they should have a private chat with ur leader or outher people.

  • coc star

    I think that they should make a offline part where u can get on with out wifi and u can do upgrades and collect resorces ect.

  • Sheba

    They should make a button that’s collects all gold/elixer from mines

  • Sheba

    can they make private messages to only talk to co leaders!???

  • hahahha

    i think they should make the town hall rushing good or make something for the poeple that already rushed it

  • King of clash

    I think they need to make town hall 11

  • Natvace

    I think what they should do is not make water defenses but a new type or troops that needs a different type or resource for lower town halls and im not saying this because I just want new troops im a th9 and you really do have to have alot of money to get a nice base. Lets say it starts at th5 or 6 and it lets lower th have fun. You can call it water resources or something like that just think about it supercell everyone wants it!

  • Rhys

    I think they need to incorperate the water at the bottom of the base.

    Maybe somethinf along the lines of a giant squid or something that shoots ink at collecters??

    • I the Great

      good idea. maybe a pirate ship that coincides with balloons, since they become kinda piraty at lvl 6

  • I the Great

    In response to an idea already posted here, i was thinking a troop that heads straight for the TownHall would be cool. HEAR ME OUT! ik it sounds a bit too easy. You’re thinking, well ill just train 5 of those right?..

    Here’s how id have it work: imagine the golem, very slow, lots of hit points, and uh….VERY SLOW lol.

    So you send him in and he heads for the TH, it will take forever, so the only way to be effective with it is to deploy other troops for support. multiple iterations of this new troop wouldnt get the job done, certainly not more than that one TownHall star. in fact if possible, I think the golem itself ought to be reconfigured to behave this way.

    I’m pretty confident that with the ease with which i found this site…Supercell will make its way here if they haven’t already. I hope they take that idea into consideration in the future! Needless to say, this is one hell of a game for a mobile device, unparalleled in my opinion.

  • Tuffkid

    Can anybody comment on my ideas?

  • Levani Gurrola

    gonna add

  • Levani Gurrola

    hey is it true that in one of the updates there fonna be yeties and town hall lvl 11

    plz tell me asap so i can give a shoutout to peeps who are wondering the same thing

  • Mike Williams

    I believe to be a real clan mentality, the leader and co leaders would get a percentage of all members loot and war loot as well. That would make going up in leadership desirable. And add a couple more leadership rolea

  • hi

    I think a pirate ship that would spawn on the water and go for loot but can be destroyed with water defenses they will add. A troop that would go for cc troops or town hall

  • Tuffkid

    I hav a few de elixer ideas. All health speed and damage is Lvl one creature

    Goes for clan castle troops. 20 de. Goblin speed. Barbarian health. Barbarian 2 damage. Once it does damage to a clan castle troop, it turns into a werewolf and becomes part of your army and attacks for u. In defense it works the same way, does damage to troop, troop turns to werewolf, defends for u.

    No damage. 50de. Giant speed. Wizard health. Goes next to or on top of none de grave, sticks shove long the ground and brings back a zombiefied form of whatever creature died there. Once the zombie dies, makes a de grave.

    Snow colosis-

    1000de. Goes for defense. Golem speed, pekka health. Hits defenses and gives that defense the effect of freezing spell. Can’t freeze infirno tower and infirno tower does double damage on snow colosis. Does same damage as level 4 giant.

    • Julius Mouse

      I like the werewolf idea. I was thinking of the same idea, but vampire…

  • Kevin McCarty

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    • shakins

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