August 2014: PS Plus indie game debate for PS4

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 30, 2014

The very idea of more indie games being included in the PlayStation Plus August 2014 free title lineup on PS4 isn’t going down well, or at the very least has created quite the debate among fans. While you won’t need to look far for fans of indie titles, you’ll also meet a lot of ill feeling with some gamers wanting “a ps4 game moving in 3D”.

We’ve already seen a number of leaks discredited, and won’t likely see the PS Plus August 2014 free games announced early by PlayStation Asia. You can look forward to the details later this week on the official UK/US blogs.

Indie game debate – the feeling towards indie titles on PS4 follow two main opinions. There’s those that are happy with “more indie titles for PS4 thanks to it being too early for free AAA games”, and then those feeling “indie games are getting tiresome”.

You can see how strong some feelings are by the tweets below, which clearly reveal some gamers aren’t happy with just anything free for PS Plus in August. I guess too much of one thing isn’t a good idea and you can see some really unhappy people right now.

Are you getting tired of Indie games on PS4 and expect much more for your free PS Plus title lineup, especially now that we’re in August 2014? Also we’d love to hear why you think there’s a lot of people hating indie games? Let’s hope this next update performs a U-turn for the fans.

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  • Josh101

    What is this whole debate about anyway? Why aren’t people having such a word about Microsoft? Microsoft HAS the money to offer AAA games on their service, but no one gives two shits about that. Sony on the other hand is working on Project Morpheus, PS Now, 4K t.v.’s and offering PS+ across PS3/PS4 AND PS Vita all while supporting those 3 consoles. Don’t Microsoft supporters tout that Sony is going bankrupt? If this is true, they are busting their asses for the consumer before doing so. Entitlement. Since Sony can’t say it, I’d like to say this on their behalf “You greedy ass motherfuckers, be happy with what you have you spoiled fucks.”


    Another month, another indie. *sad face*

  • Chris

    Yes there free but they promised AAA games I’d be happy with one AAA game and an indie that would be perfect

  • Tom

    Who cares… They’re free

    • TazTrueAlpha

      Actually they are not…You are paying for those games via yearly sub…. so I care whether my money is being spent where I want it to be….

  • Derrick

    I really like the indie games, don’t get me wrong. I just wish I had a game to show off the power of my ps4. Instead I’m stuck with a plethora of games that my ps3 could run.

    • Josh101

      You apparently haven’t played Killzone Shadowfall or Infamous. If you did, stop trolling. You know damn well those games are graphical powerhouses.

  • Jamie Peterson

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Complaining about a handful of great games each month for less than the cost of a happy meal. Unbelievable how stupid people are. They’d rather one crap “AAA” game like Knack or something than a couple of great indie games.

    I HOPE they stay with the indies for a few years. When the PS4 is in the situation of the PS3 where there’s tons of great older AAA games to draw from that are actually good, sure bring them back. But at the moment I’m loving my ever growing collection of GOOD indie titles for a few bucks a month. And I still get good AAA games on the PS3.

  • SkillsXIII

    I am liking the Indie games. Normally when there is a AAA title I want I will have saved up money to buy it when it comes out. But there is a lot of indie games I would not have play unless they were free from PS+. I am enjoying those games a lot and getting surprised that I like some of them. Because if I saw them in the PS store I would have not given them a second look. Now I would like some AAA for PS+ on PS4 but right now I do not think the library is big enough to do that.

  • Mk333

    I hope they will put rain, journey, sound shapes, shatter, flower, flow as free play indies next

    • Jamie Peterson

      I’m down for all or any of those.

  • TheWoolyNinja

    What people don’t seem to realise is that game developers have to offer their games to be put on PlayStation Plus. As most developers are trying to make money because of the new generation of consoles, Sony are left dead in the water with nothing more than indies to offer. Personally, I’m enjoying the Plus line-up and not complaining seeing as the subscription allows me to play online. The free games are purely a bonus!

    • James Lee

      This guy. This guy actually gets it lol.

    • Josh101

      I just said this to my buddy last night. He was complaining that the PS3 gets more AAA titles. It’s simple, the PS3 has more PS+ subscribers, by 10’s of millions. It also has a physical library in the high hundreds. The PS4 JUST came out people. Do you really think the publishers of the 30 retail games are going to be up for PS+ right now? No, no they won’t.

  • wmb28

    they missed a trick wen they gave nba2k14 on ps3 should of made it cross buy just something that actually shows off the ps4 talents because indie games maybe good for an hour or so but they do not show wat the ps4 is capable of

  • jarvis

    tomb raider ps4 version should be a ps plus game, they gave it away on ps3 not long ago.

  • piyanis


  • Maxwell

    I don’t mind indie titles so much but the issue is that it’s been non-stop since release. How about 1 AAA title and 1 indie every month? Or alternate? 2 AAA this month, 2 indies next? I don’t really care. Something different than what’s been happening so far.

  • NextGenWasteland

    Speaking on undelivered promises… How about DRIVECLUB!!!!

    2014 has been a total waste of time for next gen. Only things that are interesting this year is a reboot (TLOU) and a cross platform game (Destiny)..

    Not single hardcore next gen system seller in almost a year, nothing but let downs. The worst “1st year from launch” I have ever seen, hands down.

    • TheWoolyNinja

      Driveclub was pushed back so that it could be made even better than it already was, it’ll be released (for free to PS Plus subs) in October. Would you rather that, or release it early in a buggy state?