Yahoo Mail app problems continue after update

By Peter Chubb - Jul 29, 2014

The Yahoo mail sign-in issue is still affecting a huge amount of users in various countries, such as the US, UK, India, Indonesia and many more, and users are still in the dark as to why this is. To rub salt in the wounds it would seem that there are also several problems since the Yahoo Mail app was updated a couple of weeks ago.

Yahoo Mail app problems – Since the update there are still several features that are not working for users, and unsurprisingly the user name and password issue has also spread to the app.

Several Product Reviews readers have been contacting us as to some of the issues hounding the Yahoo Mail app. One reader said, “Unable to find the option to delete emails once selected read, as a result inbox is filled with unread emails.”

Another unhappy reader said “The Yahoo Mail app seems to take ages to load and there is a significant number of spam emails coming through.” That’s not all, as someone else said, “After the update I am not receiving any new mail, even after clearing the cache as requested.”

Have you ever seen the error code ‘919’ because this is what another of our readers saw when attempting to update to the latest version of the app?

It would seem that Yahoo is having a tough time of late, and as such has seen a wave of users leave Yahoo Mail and replace it with alternatives, with Gmail expected to be the biggest winner.

Are you still experiencing sign-in problems, or any other issues?

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    Something needs to be done now, I can not send anything from my Galaxy s4 to my yahoo mail . doesn’t recognize my password, asks to reset my password., I pay extra for my yahoo E-MAIL., Will I get a refund ?? I doubt it, bill statement ‘ s are sent to me at yahoo, you at yahoo need to get your s__t together! !! Changing TO G-MAIL A.S.A.P.

  • Fedup

    Having major problems, no new emails coming through and unable to access the old ones, keeps logging me off. Absolute nightmare, have important emails I need access to. No response from yahoo after I emailed them.

  • NualaM

    My password was not accepted either, but if you are on an android, I discovered you need to do the Second Sign In Verification and it logs in fine. Second Sign-In Verification, Yahoo Mail for iOS, Android, and native apps now require app-specific passwords. (that came from the email, sorry it is so big). Your cell phone number needs to be connected to your account. You know that annoying reminder we all see to add a cell number to the account…. well this is why we had to do it. So if you have not done that, do that first and get the verification text code sent to your phone so you can link the cell phone to your yahoo account. It is another security feature. To get your password to be accepted on your cell phone …. via your desktop or laptop n log into your Yahoo account…..go to your account info (drop down under your Hi XXX). Under Sign In & Security you will see Set Up Your Second Sing In Verification… follow the instructions on the next screen. You will get a long password (you don’t have to remember it). Keep this on the screen. Go to your phone, enter this password as your Yahoo Mail password and voila.. you are in . You only have to do this one time. The next time you want to log in via your phone, it will take your normal password. This is what may need to be done for any cell phone applications / mail accounts, not just yahoo, if the password is not being accepted, so be sure to link your phone number to your accounts as needed.

  • sonya campbell

    Yahoo Mail is not accepting my user name or password. I need to check my mail !

  • Lonnie197043

    what is going on with yahoo email? I cant reply to emails or even create a new one. On top of that I signed into a particular account and it brought up another email account that I don’t use anymore but somehow it had all my emails in it from my personal email account!!!!! I’m going back to gmail or outlook.

    • Bhargav

      I have been asked many times to change my Password, after doing that I keep receiving spam mails in big numbers from people I don’t know or communicate with. Can you not stop this?

  • Paul Findon

    I can get onto Yahoo mail via my mobile but cannot log in via my computer……

    • Wasi Wasif

      Same problem wt me wt can I do niw


    facebook account

  • rosered49

    What the heck are we supposed to do? I did not download the phone app and cannot sign in to yahoo mail. Phooey.

  • Bryan Ferrao

    Yahoo mail ….lt asks me to create a fresh account. I have an existing account. Not sure what the problem is.

  • Robin

    I click on unread email but it won’t open up for me to read it.

    • marymtalbot

      I get mail headings and no text and when I changed my password it as demanded it now does not recognize it. We are abroad and need contact with people at home.

  • Marlene

    Yes it keep telling me wrong password etc. Very frustrating!

    • Simeon Williams

      It’s very disturbing that I cannot check my yahoo mail box. Whenever I try it keeps giving me wrong password notification how can I continue my Diversity Visa (DV) program