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Yahoo Mail app problems continue after update

The Yahoo mail sign-in issue is still affecting a huge amount of users in various countries, such as the US, UK, India, Indonesia and many more, and users are still in the dark as to why this is. To rub salt in the wounds it would seem that there are also several problems since the Yahoo Mail app was updated a couple of weeks ago.

Yahoo Mail app problems – Since the update there are still several features that are not working for users, and unsurprisingly the user name and password issue has also spread to the app.

Several Product Reviews readers have been contacting us as to some of the issues hounding the Yahoo Mail app. One reader said, “Unable to find the option to delete emails once selected read, as a result inbox is filled with unread emails.”

Another unhappy reader said “The Yahoo Mail app seems to take ages to load and there is a significant number of spam emails coming through.” That’s not all, as someone else said, “After the update I am not receiving any new mail, even after clearing the cache as requested.”

Have you ever seen the error code ‘919’ because this is what another of our readers saw when attempting to update to the latest version of the app?

It would seem that Yahoo is having a tough time of late, and as such has seen a wave of users leave Yahoo Mail and replace it with alternatives, with Gmail expected to be the biggest winner.

Are you still experiencing sign-in problems, or any other issues?



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