PS4 1.75 live with notes

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2015

Within the last hour, we can confirm that PS4 update 1.75 is now live. It is a 194MB install and the big feature that Sony has confirmed is 3D Blu-Ray support.

The best thing about the PS4, is that updates are now automatic with PS Plus subscription, so the PS4 1.75 update will begin downloading as soon as you switch your PS4 on.

If you leave your PS4 on standby mode by nature, you should already have this update downloaded and ready to install, which is obviously fantastic and very convenient when you just want to have a gaming session.

The update has literally gone live, so we don’t have the full PS4 1.75 update notes for you yet other than 3D Blu-Ray. We are hoping that Sony has offered some other features too though, so let us know what you have spotted after installation.


For those that have already installed and taken 3D Blu-Ray support for a test-run, is everything working as planned? We will update this as necessary, enjoy the new PS4 update today and let us know how your system handles after updating.

UPDATE: PS4 1.75 system notes are live now as well for you.

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  • JestAking

    It works! Tested with Silent Hill: Revelations.

  • gelson

    :/ 3D aint working for me…. movies are display in 2D :/

    • NgTurbo

      It should be working, I’ve just tested it with Monsters Vs Aliens 3D.. no problems 🙂

      • gelson

        thats odd :s i just tried with spiderman 3D and pacific rim 3D. They used to work great on my ex-ps3.

      • fred

        love that film 😀 !

    • fred

      you watching a 2d film or have a 2d tv 😛

  • Orlin