GTA V Double RP before new update

By Alan Ng - Jul 29, 2014

We have already told you that Rockstar has given GTA V players a heads-up by confirming that the Independence Day DLC content will be removed next week. Now, as we look forward to a potential GTA V 1.16 update arriving at the same time, we can bring you news that another GTA V Double RP weekend will take place.

Rockstar has revealed the news on their website when talking about the ending of the Independence Day content. There’s no set date for when GTA V Double RP will begin, but since they said it is coming this week we are assuming that they mean Friday August 1 until Monday August 4.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the next GTA V update of course as we told you it could be coming on Tuesday August 5 since Rockstar has publicly announced that previous content will be ending the day before.

Heists are still nowhere to be seen, while we haven’t heard any additional rumors on the highly anticipated GTA V High Roller update either – despite source code suggesting that it is firmly on the way.

Are you in big need of more Rockstar Points for GTA Online? Let us know if you welcome these Double XP events and what you are personally hoping to see with the new GTA V 1.16 patch.

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  • Joe Doakes

    i don’t give a #$%@ about multiplayer updates.

    bring us the promised single player DLC soon, and bring it on 360/PS3.

    multiplayer may as well not exist at all for all i care.

    • Kaiten

      Multiplayer is what keeps me playing the game, while I do want a new Dlc for one player, I would rather have the multiplayer updates . There’s only so many times you can play one player story. But multilayer is always different.