GTA V DLC date teased by Rockstar

By Alan Ng - Jul 29, 2014

While many GTA Online players are obviously waiting for Rockstar to go live with the expected GTA V 1.16 update today, it looks like we may have to wait one more week thanks to some official details shared by Rockstar.

We knew that the developer would be offering some kind of update soon and now we can see that there’s a new post on the Newswire website, informing everyone that the GTA V Independence Day content will be ending next week.

The official cut off date is Monday August 4 and it means that items such as the Musket, Firework Launcher and Liberator Monster Truck will no longer be available.

While Rockstar are remaining silent on future plans, this could be an indication that the next GTA V 1.16 update, could definitely be on the way on Tuesday August 5 since gamers will need new content to play.

It seems like the most logical explanation for the reason why Rockstar is sending out the warning, so hopefully this is the case and we can finally play GTA V 1.16 a week from today.

It goes without saying that if you don’t have the items mentioned above and you have plenty of cash to spare, you should go out and buy these items as soon as possible before they expire.

Rockstar has also revealed however that the Firework launcher will be making a return when we come up to other national holidays in the calendar – so look out for news on that.

While it will be disappointing that another week could pass without an update, do you also think that Tuesday August 5 will definitely be the date when we will see new GTA V DLC?

Dare we say it, but could it be time for Rockstar to give us the GTA V Heists release date on Tuesday August 5? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • George

    It is still not out yet they said we had to wait one more week looks like we have to wait another

  • JJBallz

    I want mansions… and/or streetracing cars

  • Matt

    I don’t even really want heists. They’re fun and all in story mode, but i feel that they would be way too complicatedfor online. I would be fine if they scratched it all and made the monthly DLC better

  • Scarlet lord

    It would be the right time it’s not like every one has 1000 heists plans already and yeah does anyone else want mor military jets choppers and tanks and a casino and maybe for next gen San Fierro and las venturas and rideable horses in the casino horse races and where is that tenth super car at we’ve all been waiting for I got nine fully suped up super cars in a five hundred thousend doller house maybe the car stinger is in the new transformers movie. Maybe. A hydra hovering jet maybe


    Waiting for some more choppers and cruisers, like to collect them. When they release more of them I’ll go back to playing it.

  • Chris

    Yeah, don’t even start to think that 1.16 will be heist, cause they have already said they aren’t releasing that until GTA 5 comes out on the next gen consoles. And even then theres already talk about making the heist DLC a next gen ONLY DLC, and rockstar giving the big f*ck you to the current gen people. So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that. So ive already given up on that, and I probably wont even buy the next gen version until I can buy it used, Just so that I can sort of give the middle finger back to rockstar……LOL! The 1.16 will probably just be some dumb gambling games, some ugly ass t-shirts and probably some stupid looking little P.O.S of a car, and that’s what they will call un update. So everyone, DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP for anything to great. But if they actually do something that actually makes the game worth playing again then ill be the first to apologies and admit im wrong, but until then, Im not going to expect too much from rockstar.

  • Robert

    They should do that and add a skyline supra and rx8 and the new Mustaine

  • Josh101

    Hmm…So Rockstar spent 5 years making this game…There is STILL DLC to release? This s*** needs to be in the game. Ridiculous. Watchdogs for example, got delayed HALF A YEAR. Then released DLC.

    • Ethan

      Dude its to keep people playing dumbass

      • Josh101

        So, cutting content that should be in the game is ok, as long as it is to keep people playing? Um, why don’t you just make your game complete and let people play it as so. If it’s complete and finished, people would enjoy it more. Also, it makes me giggle that you created an account JUST to reply to me. I feel special 😀

        • ThinkB4UType

          If Rockstar had everything in place, all future DLCs in place prior to release, what would keep people playing? Especially during that modded money scenario, everybody would have done everything by now, and nothing would keep people playing. Also, newsflash, nothing important got cut.

        • Josh101

          Why would people stop playing and NEED DLC to keep them playing in the first place? There is a multiplayer component….. I replayed Resident Evil 2 and 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, God of War/s Infamous/s and many more dozens of times. Because they are GOOD games.

          “Also, newsflash, nothing important got cut.”

          Um…Heists?? I like how you are posting from a guest account now. 🙂

        • CAboose

          Heists weren’t cut, they were never finished,

        • ThinkB4UTypeRTard

          Heists wouldn’t even be that great of a thing because they wouldn’t be able to give that much money or that is all what people would do all day long.

        • Josh101

          Are you old enough to remember when games were released complete? No DLC? If not, gaming then was an AMAZING experience. Games came with paperback manuals that had character art and backround information. There were no game-breaking bugs. The games were WORTH the asking price. Now they are stripping game modes and content to release it later as paid-for DLC. All the cars, guns, clothes, skateboards, snowboards etc, were able to be unlocked in the game. Do you notice that most of the paid-for DLC that you “download” are mere KB’s in size. Meaning they are ALREADY on the disc? Yeah, that content is finished and already available, you are just paying them to unlock it.

        • Ethan

          It would take away the suspense of what will come out and they are basically updates like any other game.

        • Josh101

          Em, no…It was simply so people wouldn’t trade the game in and to make a $60 purchase into a $120 dollar purchase. Just no. I’d rather buy the game finished, instead of gimped to release subsequent DLC’s to milk the consumer.

        • Obviously Orlando

          You can’t milk the consumer if the dlc is free numb skull. Cry about it and go play boring after a day watch dogs.

        • Josh101

          Is all DLC free for every game? Even the cosmetic stuff use-to be given away for free, by unlocking it in-game. Did you not see the reference to Watch Dogs? I’m speaking of all DLC. That was the reason why publishers and developers created DLC. To curb trade-ins and maybe make money from people who buy used. There’s a chance they might buy DLC. But that hurts the people who buy day one the most. It forces them to pay more than $60 for a game. Call of Duty releases usually have 4 DLC’s, making $60 purchase into a $120 purchase. That’s what I’m talking about. I’d much rather have fully finished released games.

  • oliver


  • ThatOneGuy

    They do DLC updates every month. No need to cry about made up releases that was most likely brought up by those “GTA 5 Online” YouTube money whores.

  • Skyler collins

    Give us the scar h n the mg/ar and a good dlc

  • Hopsin4200

    Lowriders and hydraulics oh and impalas =O please it would be wicked the many ideas of what people could do with hydraulics and also what rides would be produced

    • Moondogz

      If you add that you should add Headers, Intake, body kits, Vinyls, Decals, Nitrous oxide system,
      Neon Lights!!
      GTA Online needs a nex gen quality Midnightclub DLC.

      • Moondogzisright

        No other way to reply but, “F&*KIN A”

      • VictoryToday

        moondogyz! moon-moon-dogyz!

  • Damian

    Thanks for all the news great job. I knew there was to be no update today so I’m in my “told u so” mode lol. R* will first take independence day update off (Aug.5) b4 anything new is brought in. I’m sorry but I don’t think the Tuesday after will be the update, there is 2X RP/cash in very near future, maybe the Aug.5 weekend of that week, or next. I believe there is an update but maybe in the week after next Tuesday or one after that, we will have an August update, heist no might as well wait till that’s released on PS4 they want that as marketing advantage, look how many bought the game for that reason.

  • ninjaofthespace

    we don’t even know what 1.16 will bring in gta online . we may be disappointend on the new content

    • Hitler

      When I met you in the winter!

      • Stalin

        Q4, not winter