GTA V DLC date teased by Rockstar

While many GTA Online players are obviously waiting for Rockstar to go live with the expected GTA V 1.16 update today, it looks like we may have to wait one more week thanks to some official details shared by Rockstar.

We knew that the developer would be offering some kind of update soon and now we can see that there’s a new post on the Newswire website, informing everyone that the GTA V Independence Day content will be ending next week.

The official cut off date is Monday August 4 and it means that items such as the Musket, Firework Launcher and Liberator Monster Truck will no longer be available.

While Rockstar are remaining silent on future plans, this could be an indication that the next GTA V 1.16 update, could definitely be on the way on Tuesday August 5 since gamers will need new content to play.

It seems like the most logical explanation for the reason why Rockstar is sending out the warning, so hopefully this is the case and we can finally play GTA V 1.16 a week from today.

It goes without saying that if you don’t have the items mentioned above and you have plenty of cash to spare, you should go out and buy these items as soon as possible before they expire.

Rockstar has also revealed however that the Firework launcher will be making a return when we come up to other national holidays in the calendar – so look out for news on that.

While it will be disappointing that another week could pass without an update, do you also think that Tuesday August 5 will definitely be the date when we will see new GTA V DLC?

Dare we say it, but could it be time for Rockstar to give us the GTA V Heists release date on Tuesday August 5? Give us your thoughts below.



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