FIFA 15 Transfer Market for pink slips

By Alan Ng - Jul 29, 2014

We have some very good FIFA 15 news for those of you who are planning to get the game later this Autumn. Some of you may be aware that there has been a rumor going around suggesting that there will be no FIFA 15 transfer market this year.

However, we’re here to debunk that rumor completely, as EA has just effectively confirmed that there will still be a transfer market for the game upon release.

This of course means that just like FIFA 14, players will have the complete freedom of selling players for coins and it also means that FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pink slips will continue as normal for those that love to put a wager on online matches.

To those that are not aware of the pink slip system, it has become massively popular within the FIFA 14 community, allowing players to bet coins or even rare Ultimate Team cards such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo on an online match.

These agreements are usually set up in public on FIFA discussion boards via mutual agreement, preventing players from quitting intentionally and not coughing up the wager in question if he or she loses.

Confirmation of the FIFA 15 transfer market can be seen here courtesy of one of EA’s community mangers called Robb. It’s easily become one of the biggest assets that EA has for their FIFA games so it’s great to see that the rumors were not true and it will be making a return.

Could you have imagined FIFA 15 without a transfer market? Give us your reaction to the news.

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  • Da True Miner

    Can ios have eas fc coin bonus plz


    Will the FIFA 15 Transfer market allow us to transfer our FIFA 14 players and or transfer coins to fifa 15 from fifa 14….? If you can answer this question it would be great.

    Thank You

    • Good question, hope to see the answer soon 🙂

      VipCoinsFifa dot COM

      • Emil

        I dont Think

        • fifaiosfan

          Unfortunately not.

          You have to start all over again in Fifa 15.

          However, you can sell your Fifa 14 coins for Fifa 15 coins,

          However, the rate will be significantly high at the start of Fifa 15.

        • steven

          Maybe, maybe not, ea as not said anything about it yet.we’ll have to wait and see. People that just say it won’t happen are just best guessing and don’t really know. We’ll soon see.