Xbox One August update live early

As Sony prepares to drop their PS4 1.75 update on gamers this week, we have a feeling that it could be the ideal time for Microsoft to release their highly anticipated Xbox One August 2014 update as well.

It seems that August has now emerged as the battle of the 3D Blu-Ray updates, as Microsoft surprised everyone recently by announcing 3D Blu-Ray support for August, before Sony.

Although Sony has now countered back themselves, we are here to tell you that some lucky users already have the Xbox One August update right now. You may not be aware, but Microsoft has sneakily selected certain users in their usual beta program and now we have confirmation that the Xbox One August update preview is live for those that have been chosen.

It means that those users can try out all of the new August features before everyone else – including 3D Blu-Ray support. In fact, we even have a short clip to show you, giving you a good heads-up on how to enable 3D Blu-Ray support in Xbox One settings.

It also confirms that you’ll have to manually switch on the feature yourself after installation, rather than the feature being automatic once you boot up.

The question is, are you one of Microsoft’s lucky participants who is enjoying the new Xbox One update right now? If so, give us your initial feedback below.



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