WWE 2K15 demo on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2014

As we countdown to the release of WWE 2K15 on PS4 and Xbox One this October, there are growing rumors suggesting that 2K may be planning to offer a WWE 2K15 demo to those lucky enough to attend GamesCom 2014 in Germany next month.

Although 2K hasn’t made any statements yet, there is talk that the game will be on show and could be playable for everyone in attendance. Specifically, we know that Sony will be showing the game as part of their GamesCom 2014 PlayStation event – we just don’t know for sure if this involves a trailer or actually show floor time hands-on.

Hopefully it is the latter as we can see huge demand for a playable WWE 2K15 demo on PS4 and Xbox One, giving users the chance to see the first WWE game running on next-gen hardware and how it compares to PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

What we still don’t know of course is the official WWE 2K15 roster list. We told you about one leaked list here, but that appears to be doubtful since it doesn’t contain the likes of Ryback and Justin Gabriel – unless they are WWE 2K15 DLC characters.

We do know that the list will be revealed on August 16 though and hopefully by that time we will know if a demo is coming out on PS4 and Xbox One.

We didn’t see a demo for WWE 2K14, so would you like 2K to make one available for the fans with WWE 2K15? Let us know if you want to see this and what wrestlers you would pick for demo selection.

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  • Cballer

    I hope they come out with a demo soon. Now that dates for release of the full game they should provide a demo

  • Mirelys Ortiz

    why the demo is not on ps3 and xbox 360 i want to play on the ps3

  • Adam

    John cen randy orton roman reings goldust for the wwe demo

  • Just me

    i just want to know if they have made a good career mode. if they have i’ll buy it, but if its just the universe mode like three last lot i’m out.

    the career through nxt to raw then PPV main event if done well, with alternate pathways and longevity is whats needed to move the game forward. Its been a stale few years for the games, time for 2k to make a splash.

    • disqus_8mCXPuzXad

      Yessir. they have the famous “my career” from the NBA series as well as something called 2k show case. it features rivalries from the past.

  • Cody Miller

    Yes, I would highly enjoy a demo for wwe2k15