PS4 GayStation needs official release, Sony

The term GayStation is no longer going to be seen as a joke by immature keyboard warriors. It’s going to be the official term for a custom themed PS4 and possibly the best-looking PS4 theme that we have seen before too.

The GayStation is getting produced in honor of the Swedish Pride Festival, which will celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. Unfortunately though, it looks like there is only going to be one version of it in the world, making it very rare indeed.

As you can imagine, auction prices for the console are going to be extremely high. The bidding has only just started but we can see a current price of 18800 Swedish Krona, or around $2750 USD.

That is one expensive console, but just look at the sheer beauty of it. We can already see outcries on social media, begging Sony to make this an official color option alongside black and white models.

Put it this way, if Sony doesn’t make this an official color, awesome companies such as Colorware will go ahead and make their own versions – it has to happen surely!

It’s a shame that there is only going to be one of these models built as regardless of sexuality, that is one of the best-looking PS4 models that we have ever seen.

Do you support our calls to Sony to make this an official PS4 color. Let us know your reaction to the PS4 GayStation Edition below – how bad do you want one?



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