PS4 1.75 update the last until 1.80

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 29, 2014

The Sony PlayStation 4 1.75 update will likely be your last until version 1.80 arrives in August, and this is due to the next major firmware expected to release around the Gamescom event date. We previously mentioned insiders had leaked this information along with details of some massive changes on the way, which are needed considering the software updates Xbox One has been getting of late.

There’s one exception to the PS4 1.75 update being the final until PS4 1.80, and this would obviously be any unforeseen bugs in the next system software upgrade expected this week. Sony officially announced the 1.75 firmware would bring 3D Blu-ray film support within a tweet, which is unusual and at the same time needed after news broke that the Xbox One will gain 3D support.

Mixed reactions to 3D support – it was clear a lot of people wanted 3D support and now Sony officially revealed it’s coming, a lot of people seem unhappy, and this has been clear on Twitter, in forums, and blog comments. The main reason for this disappointment looks to be about features that should have been there at launch, and one of these seems to be external hard drive support. One Product Reviews reader said, “I care about USB and external hard drive support, it would be great to play movies and listen to music via external drives”.

What new features would you love to see added with next months PS4 1.80 update? This is your opportunity to list the crucial features needed on the current generation of Sony console, what’s missing and should be there? Leave a comment below with innovative ideas that could keep Sony ahead and of course anything that should already be there by now.

The moment Sony release the latest firmware this week we’ll be sure to keep PR readers informed. Make sure you’re following us on your favorite social network.

Update: The new PS4 1.75 firmware is live and you can see the release notes in this article.

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  • J.Cole

    Dlna , flash , media player, youtube app, and wallpapers and themes would make the ps4 bomb

  • Zack Wooten

    Flash, DLNA

  • Kenny Ray Martin

    please let us turn OFF the Frigging controller!!!

  • The reeper

    Obviously would want the music support it has been always great listening to music an playing games at the same time…the ps4 seriously needs an update on that

  • Gamer

    Better Flash Player on Ps4 Web broswer and a Option to download google chrome

  • Damon

    External hard drive support then I wouldn’t need to worry about running out of memory and it would be a lot easier then having to go out and find the correct size hard drive so it will fit into the ps4 and then having to download the software so it will work in the PlayStation and reinstalling everything

  • colby49007

    I would love to be able to save music directly to the hard drive like ps3. USB supported, android phone connect and file transfer. Share factory update so it will be able to read more variety of USB drives…..thanks

  • everyone

    External hard drive support to watch movies and music.

  • Rahul Hira

    I am awaiting USB and external hard drive support. I think this feature has been kept back for a long time and it’s now time for it’s release. It will satisfy most PS4 owners and fans and also put PS4 ahead of Xbox One hence Xbox One is likely to have this feature at it’s release.

  • alan geezer

    What about a really nice music software for the playstation 4 with a graphic equaliser and a fantastic background music affects that would be very nice. I love my music a lot

  • Kevin James

    i would really like to see features that the playstation 3 had like, custom backrounds, mp4 playback, video playback, importing images, downloading images/vidoes from web browser. is that so hard

  • Sam

    “I would like to pay for the movies that I’ve already downloaded on my computer”

    – Nobody

  • Sam

    Just let me play MP4’s from my USB. Is it really that hard. Playstation is just setting the stage for people to jailbreak their system by not having the simplest of features. Also, nobody wants to or is going to pay for Movies Unlimited.

  • Trey

    External harddrive support. Custom themes/music/backgrounds. 5ghz wifi support?!?

  • jlappy

    External USB Hard drive support for films and music!!

  • martin

    External hdd support, custom themes and avatars, ability to delete games and trophies in collection. That would be sweet!

  • kelvin

    delete trophies some people are neat freaks and like have a Library of games they actually play

  • Gavin Hayes

    External hardrives ps4 missing so many features

  • bob

    External hard drive support without update using a damn flash memory stick cause customer support i never get a English speaking person it’s allways a immigrant!

  • Kelvin Peralta


    .. seriously…
    (obviously written: bluetooth)

  • Larry


  • Jersey74

    They need to let us use external hard drives, my ps4 internal is almost full, and the good games are not even out yet

    • Mayhem W

      If you like, get a 2.5″ 1TB for your ps4 internal drive about $70to $89.

      • Larry

        can you happily give me the link please?

        • Mayhem W

          Larry it wouldn’t let me post to this site. Try support (us) PlayStation dot com.

          They give you all the specs

    • Larry

      I really want to use an external hard drive for games

  • Kevin

    Better home screen, without it being too clogged by many games/apps where it currently takes way too long to navigate to the end of library.

    Library sorting with the ability to remove demos as well as viewing smaller icons so we can view more games in the library at once and a way to sort by name/file/date.

    External harddive support to play music and movies.

  • Kenny Ray Martin

    MP3 support for music files. The PS3 had music services and if people wanted it they subscribed, having the ability to throw in your own CD in the PS4 wouldnt hurt all that

    • Vinnie

      This must happen! Especially when they release the next Gran Turismo. I want my custom background music!!!

  • Fletcher

    I hate how games are sorted all over the place. Makes it confusing to find anything.
    The PS3 UI is miles ahead of this one. Please change this as well as external HDD support.

  • ozone

    Controller battery indicator next to clock, friends online/offline notifications, ability to delete multiple notifications/messages at once, and some kind of folder sort system for the main ui as it gets cluttered quickly like the ability to drop down like the what’s new app. Would allow games to be sorted in one area instead of all over the place. I can think of more features but I believe these to be a core part of the next update.

  • kimo

    oh and youtube !!!

    • Larry

      Don’t forget about that we want to change our themes or backgrounds in the PS4 that I thought should have been already their since launch and should have been obvious to put it

  • kimo

    it would be epic if sony did this feature

  • kimo

    support ps2 and ps3 games

    • James Truax

      There not ready to make ps3 obsolete yet that why ps4 doesn’t support plus they make more money off of us…I’m not ready to give up the ps3 either it has better features than the ps4

  • Upset

    USB detecting, Music and movie storage

  • matt

    ps1,ps2,ps3 games disc support also have users signed in an out display like ps3!!!

  • hamed

    sony, let ps4 detect cds, ps1 discs and ps2 discs!!!!!!

    • Larry

      I don’t know if they can hear us like with the other features that so many have been asking for, but we should keep trying

  • Prof_carnage

    3D is working… Only movie I have in 3D bluray is Cars 2… Not a great choice but, just checked it out and 3D bluray support works…

  • Papa Duztickle

    Why you no play CD?
    First Gen ps1 play CD with visualizations
    Why you no play CD?

  • Ingrid Vidot

    The ps4 needs Media server ablities so we can stream files from home networks

  • PS4 is a work of art

    Friend notifications and the ability to delete unwanted trophy lists.

    • Larry

      I would love that

  • fred

    Lol people are dumb. Cant expect sony to roll out that many fetures at once and app. They got to be code writen ,tested retested with current fw. Then approve. If u try releasing that mamy they would conflict with each other and someone has work out what peace of coding is conflicting with what other app.

    who cares about music and video? 99% of it not legal . And you cant listen to music and do cut screan at same time . I have 5 devices I can plug in to my tv to watch .mp4 and other videos . Jez carm ur fat arses n enjoy your next gen console.

    • Ben Grist

      Well sed mate

    • Kenny Ray Martin

      all of my music is legal Jughead and plugging in mulitple devices into Your TV may be easy for you, but some of us may have to Unplug other items just to pipe CD’s or MP3’s into our system. Why Not have thumb drives transfer MP3’s to the PS4 system that’s Already hooked up to the TV/ StereoTuner? Nothing wrong with asking

    • Larry

      Don’t worry man we are all trying to pressure Sony to get their lazy butts off their chairs and give us what they promised since launch and beyond

  • Boy


  • Mahn

    Mp3 support, mp4 support, and more usb support.

    • James Truax

      Pretty much explains it

  • Ramu

    Need Skype support on PS4

    • freddy

      Never going happen! Microsoft brought the right for skpye before they launch the xbox one.

      • MortisMelis

        Microsoft didn’t buy the the rights…. They OWN Skype!

        • Larry

          that’s 100% true

    • Nicole Crook

      That’s what the cam is for smh

  • Mike

    Next update is 2.0 we have it on our dev units for 3 months. Last rc was 2 weeks ago

    • fred

      Shhh dont pretend your in the know

    • James Truax

      Dude you be to pay attention the next update is 1.80 in August duh brah