PS Plus August 2014 with Octodad, The Swapper

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2014

Earlier this week we told you how we were hoping to see an earlier release date for the highly anticipated PlayStation Plus August 2014 update. Now, it looks like we may have the information you are after with some rumors suggesting that the PS Plus August free games on PS4 has leaked.

We are expecting the update to go live around August 3, while Sony should reveal the final list before the end of this week. Before that though we are seeing increased whispers on social media suggesting that Octodad could be the main game offered on PS4.

Joining Octodad could be The Swapper, which is a game that we told you about earlier on this month during our initial prediction and potential games article.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch would be a great choice in our opinion and it’s a game that received a very decent 8.8 review score from IGN. We can also see that Octodad currently has a metacritic rating of 69 for Metascore and a 7.3 user rating.

The Swapper meanwhile could be the real gem of Sony’s PS Plus August 2014 update as this beautiful indie game has received rave reviews all over. It released on the PC in May 2013 but currently has an August 5 2014 release schedule on PS4 – making it a prime candidate to be chosen for the PS Plus update.

Obviously we can’t say that these are 100% confirmed yet based on information from social media, but if they are indeed the games that we are getting, we think everyone will be happy with them.

Knack was again mentioned as a possible candidate but Octodad and The Swapper would be great choices in our opinion. As we wait for the official news from Sony, give us your reaction this leak.

Do you agree that Octodad and The Swapper on PS4 would be good choices or not?

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  • IndieFatigue

    Scores mean nothing. Watch Dogs got a lower score than the Swapper. It is due to budget bias. Instead of judging the final product, many sites ascribe a score relative to the budget of the game. How anyone in the industry could actually be more impressed with the Swapper than Watch Dogs, I just cannot understand. More low budget games on PS4…zzzzz. Lucky we have Destiny coming soon. I haven’t turned on my PS4 for a while now due to there being no good games. Games like Towerfall Ascension are good if you want to be taken back to the eighties. I don’t. Just like I don’t want a CRT monitor again.

  • benjamin

    the swapper sounds good..seen the trailer for it,might be fun to play

    • Josh Melton

      Curve Digital, just announced, they have no plans to bring the Swapper to PlayStation Plus. and it’s part of PSN Summer Sale”.