PS Plus August 2014 early release date?

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 28, 2014

The PlayStation Plus August 2014 update should traditionally see a release date next week and this is thanks to that being the first Wednesday of the month. In the UK and Europe, this is normally when we see the latest free games for PS Plus members, but there’s some debate within the official PSN forums that it should come sooner.

We’ve already taken a look at what the PS Plus free games should be for the August 2014 update without the official lineup, although the focus has now turned to the first Wednesday of August being too far into the month.

One PS Plus subscriber said, “It’s normally updated on the first Wednesday of each month, so this is August 6th for the next update. Personally, I feel the update should come this week on the 30th, as the first Wednesday is almost a week into the month”. Another added, “I was thinking Wed 6th would be a bit late as well”.

We’re moments away from finding out the date and games, so as you can expect people are reaching out to the likes of Community Managers at PlayStation Europe. You can see one such tweet below.

Do you think the PS Plus August 2014 update should come this week thanks to the 6th being well into the month? Or should Sony stick to the normal pattern no matter what day it lands on?

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  • Raiden

    I don’t get why they’re holding out the announcements until literally the last moment. I mean, sure, one can make an argument that there’s a chance of someone buying a game just a few days before the announcement and later find out it’s on Plus, but really, what are the chances of that happening? And even if it did happen, the developer wouldn’t get that much money anyway, and it’d end up pissing the consumer off. If you ask me, they should have a routine that doesn’t change with the days of the week:

    2nd through 20th of the month: Sales/Monthly Deals (with the new PS+ games being among the discounted titles)
    20th of the month: PS+ games for next month are revealed
    1st of the month: PS+ games are released

    It’s not that hard. Seems like much more solid scheduling than keeping your paying consumers in the dark while waiting for Wednesday to come.

  • Ze-Adam James-Gabbamouth Hargr

    I really dont mind, 30th would be awesome, but the 6th will do, people should just grow up tbh, you have no games? then go outside and enjoy the world for once, stop going on forums and crying like spoiled little a-holes

  • Lotus Cosworth

    I thought they changed it to the second to stop this anomaly?

  • Adam

    Child of Light perhaps? Cross-buy.

  • Jon29301

    If one of the free games doesn’t release until next week they will have no choice but to wait.

  • iRateGuy

    Since rather than sense stupid phone auto correct.
    Plus *has* given.
    Now let the rest of the crying commence

  • iRateGuy

    Wow you people are so stupid. Get your money worth? PS+ is $50 a year. Ps3 has gotten so many big name games, you’ve had waaaay more value than what you’ve paid for and the crying and complaining never stops. PS4 has had only indie games…… and? Free games. Period. You cry just because they’re indie games? Grow up. The month after infamous second son released people were crying for it to be free on plus. Seriously? Not how it works. It could be like like MS for 10+ years where u pay just to play online and use Netflix which you’re already paying for. And MS supporters felt like they were were getting their moneys worth with an arguably better online experience. The indie games combined are worth more than the price of admission. Not satisfied? I promise you nobody cares. Drop your subscription. You’re being unreasonable idiots and sony may eventually aknowledge your crying with a comment that says “we hear you,” but they will continue to do things their way. Which is fair. If u release a multimillion dollar game, why would u offer it free the month after release? Would that be fair to your company or employees? Does that make any sense at all? Last of us should be considered? No. I could potentially see Knack on its way to plus soon. As far as im concerned thats less desirable than an indie game. I’ll be disappointed, but oh well. Next month will be better. Plus uas given me tons of free games I still need to complete rather. Look at total value of plus sense it started and sense ps4 was released. Both will far exceed $50. Stop crying like some xbots.

    • Jocko

      Could not have said it better myself.

    • Mark Johnson Ldps

      So true, I love ps plus, occasionally I get a bit disappointed, but I have had so much value for money, I’m talking hundreds of pounds, keep up the good work.

    • Kahcirav

      I have to agree playstation plus def worth the money I have both last gen consoles, 360 and ps3 neither of which make me complain about free games only when I have previously owned the title even then it’s still nice to be able to go back to it.

    • carlos

      true ill be glad if they release games i have just so i can get caught up with my back log of games

    • Matt

      For those with only the ps4 all they have is nonsense to look forward to. $50/year for garbage?, no thanks. Now before you go commenting all kinds of ignorance, give some actual thought to the matter.

      • Imacracker

        If you buy a system without games to play and rely on subscription handouts then you are an ignorant fool.

        • Matt

          Never said I bought a system without games, Sherlock. Said I only have a ps4. As in I don’t have a ps3 or a vita. You read wrong my comment, yet you call me the ignorant fool.

  • AVJ

    Definitely this Wednesday!!!

  • MS

    I don’t mind if it is the first Wednesday tbh. I just want some decent games for the ps3 not bs and an indie game. If they had value for money in mind they would give each system 2 decent games. Last of us for ps3 should be considered. Hey what do I know i am just a subscriber, why should they listen to their paying customers!

    Also something decent for PS4 owners by now is a must, surely, I don’t own one but they need their money’s worth as do the PS3 and Vita.

  • Jay Wood

    set the date keep the date they just need to come out with better games and not BS Indies

  • JonTheGod

    Keep it simple; 1st Wednesday of the month. No question – then this topic doesn’t need to come up every other month, because everyone will know.

  • Biggs

    Its just the way it goes sometimes, the one we got early was xmas because they werent going to be doing an update on the first Wednesday of January, they however will be doing an update on 6th of August so thats when it should be, remember as well the games that are up now are slated to be up till 5th August, so an early update means there will be double the usual amount of games on plus at once, not gonna happen sadly.

  • maxy

    If they put another stupid PS3 game this month, I will let my sub die.

    • MS

      I agree

      • maxy

        Thank you.

        • maxy

          @dudemanguy401:disqus How about to close your pu*sy and think more about it. I bought a PS3 on May, and you know that Sony stab you in your ass from the time they cancelled the third game for PS3.

        • carlos

          ahh someones butthurt they didnt get the games they wanted- Microsoft is the one to stab you in your ass*

        • maxy

          No, I don’t want specific games, but these game they are giving away now are just stupid. Seriously do you like vessel? Microsoft are giving away better games for ever. So try again please.

        • Ze-Adam James-Gabbamouth Hargr

          maybe you should have jumped on the bandwagon earlier, ive had a ps3 since launch and had ps plus since it launched, my dl list is full of awesome AAA titles like bf3, sr3 borderland 1 + 2 metro last light, payday 2, just cause 2, bioshock infinite and 100’s more, dont blame Sony for YOUR error.
          You have the internet, you HAD the ability to see what games were coming out on ps plus over the past couple of years, but you didn’t do anything about it, you missed out, Sony aren’t to blame, YOU are!

        • maxy

          I had a ps3 since launch too, but sony destroyed mine last year with their firmware update. And I can blame sony so much, so don’t tell me not to blame them. I blame them for reducing one PS3 game from igc, I blame them totally for all that s*it they giving away now.

    • KeepCalmNPlay

      Do you think you haven’t got your money’s worth at $50 a year? Honestly, 4-5 games enjoyed in the entire year make up for the price, (unless you’re the type that loves replaying games). If the frustration of not getting games that you personally want, for 2-3 months, is too much for you, I definitely think you should do yourself a favor and just end your subscription.

      • maxy

        No, because I bought a PS3 on May and then things went downhill.

  • GHO5T-8-12-80

    30th plz

  • CrouchingWeasel

    Sometimes it will land in the first few days of the month, other times we won’t be so lucky. #dealwithit.

    • BigMackDaddyJack


  • Me

    They have done this before as I can remember getting the games on the 28th but I can’t remember which month.

    • TheEngineer

      in December we got devil may cry etc on the 24th 😉

  • Lewis

    I see plenty of updates in the gaming world come early if they go too far into a new month. Sony, do the same here with PS Plus on the 30th rather than Aug 6th please?