GTA V 1.16 release hinted by average

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2014

Everyone is anxiously waiting for Rockstar to deliver news on the next GTA V update. However, we can also assume that the GTA V 1.16 release date is likely to come within the next 24 hours thanks to the average time between updates passing.

As most of you are well aware, Rockstar did not provide a new GTA V update last week when many gamers were expecting the 1.16 patch to arrive 7 days ago. Skip forward another week once again and now Rockstar are under pressure again to give gamers some new content to play.

We are not even expecting the GTA V Heists release with 1.16 anymore, but another piece of free DLC to keep gamers happy in between – this could end up as the High Roller or Casino updates.

What we wanted to remind you though, is that time is seemingly against Rockstar. A clever video provided below has counted all of the days that Rockstar has taken in-between each update, whether that be the Beach Bum update or the more recent Independence Day special.

His analysis has concluded that Rockstar actually takes an average of 27 days to deliver each GTA V update and now we have moved past this average from the GTA V 1.15 to GTA V 1.16 update waiting period.

That suggests that tomorrow, ie Tuesday July 29 will either be the day when Rockstar goes live with the GTA V 1.16 release time or at least provides an update on their Newswire informing users that a new update is on the way for the following week – Tuesday August 5.

We all know that Rockstar loves to follow patterns so we would say that tomorrow is the big day on when we should be expecting some big GTA V info or updates to drop.

What are your thoughts on this – are you also expecting GTA V 1.16 to land on Tuesday since it has been a month from the last update? Do you agree that Heists anticipation seems to have died now due to Rockstar’s constant delays?

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  • Syp Ántrax 5-7

    Enjoy your GTA V mod riddled PC version. People give a damn about the SP x-story DLC and MP casinos and heist, more so over nextGen bright light c+p game to be released and as mentioned.. Mod glitched burntout ass PC version.

    • PC (PostConsole)

      Agree. I won’t be buying the PC version – and either will PC players (they will just torrent it). BUT, all of Rockstars effort will be going into the PC version. I think Rockstar have nade a mistake by abandoning console gamers, but it is clear that they have. They have come out and said how much better the PC version will be than the one we all bought on the consoles. Next time, just remember to skip the console version and get the PC version for free. That way, you get the better game anbd get to keep your money. The only losers are Rockstar, but they have asked for it, by making idiots out of us console gamers.

  • PC (Post Console)

    Hello, it is all about the PC version now, kids. Don’t expect too much content in the coming months for the second rate console versions. And don’t expect Heists before the PC version is released. There will be few new sales on the PC, but nobody will be buying the console version now as, according to Rockstar, the PC version is far superior which makes the console version far inferior. And if there will be no further sales on the consoles, why would they waste time and money releasing new content on the console versions?

    • andy

      Yes pc will always rule

      • Liam

        Wow, PC master race over here.

  • Rizzo44

    They need to add the trex. Vehicle and spyder motorcycle. Mod police cars too.

  • Vahit

    I would Like To See this Vehicles In GTA 5 !
    Esperanto,Tampa,Club,Euros,Hermes,Vincent,Super GT,Polaris V8,V8 Ghost,Manchez,Sindaco Agento,Yardie Lobo,Vortex,Hunter
    Thats My Favorite Vehicles in the GTA Series it would bee Nice To see Some of them in the Game !
    One Car I Want So much is The Civillian Version of The GTA 5 Police Car Based on the Ford Crown they schould give it the Name Merit !

    • Marty

      The Vapid Strainer is thr Ford Crown Victoria. It is the civilian version of one of the police cars, taxi cabs, etc.

      • Vahit

        Thx For Your reply I make A Mistake I mean The Ford Taurus Police Car I
        Not The Crown But I write Crown Instead of Taurus i changed it now !
        I want the Civillian version of the Vapid Inteceptor Not the Police cruiser !