Games with Gold August 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox 360

We finally have the information that Xbox owners are waiting for. Microsoft has given users a heads-up on what the confirmed Games with Gold August 2014 update on Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be in terms of the free games offered.

We can now reveal that Xbox One owners will be getting Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero as the free games for August. You may not have heard about these games before so allow us to give you a few details.

Crimson Dragon is a shooter game that is touted as a ‘spiritual successor’ to the Panzer Dragoon series which you may have heard of. It originally launched with the Xbox One last year and if you love playing games that predominantly feature dragons, you may take a liking to this one.

Strike Suit Zero on the other hand is a completely different experience with a space flight combat style of gameplay akin to that of Star Wars and Gundam.

It was actually a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded in 2012 and after first releasing in January 2013 it’s now ready for an Xbox One release. You may also be interested to know that Strike Suit Zero is planned for the PS4 too, but Xbox One users appear to be getting first dibs this time.

Are you happy with these games replacing Guacamelee on Xbox One or not? Xbox 360 users can look forward to playing Dishonored as the main game, while Motocross Madness will also be offered as well.

Both Xbox One games will go live on August 1 as we told you here. Dishonored will be available later on though, on August 16. Give us your reaction to the Xbox Games with Gold August 2014 update and if you are happy with what Microsoft has given you.



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