Battlefield 4 DLC Map pack 6 and 7 rumors

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2014

Battlefield 4 has five DLC expansion packs officially, but some very interesting BF4 news has dropped suggesting that DICE may be planning to extend DLC for the game. The obvious reason for this being that Battlefield Hardline has been delayed and players are going to face a long wait until the next game.

The best way to combat this and the most logical one would be to bring more DLC to Battlefield 4, a game that users are still playing on a daily basis. EA has not announced anything official on these plans yet, but one video that we have for you talks about new source code entries that have been spotted for the game, revealing further lines in the code for announced DLC.

In simpler terms, two extra DLC packs could be coming to Battlefield 4 as there are two empty slots. If this is legit information, then what could we expect to see? Speculation has already been running wild on social boards, but we think it could be a great way for EA and DICE to give back to their fans and specifically for EA to win over a few doubters.

Imagine if we see a scenario where the two empty DLC slots for Battlefield 4 are free packs for Battlefield 4 Vietnam and Battlefield 4 Bad Company 2. DICE could offer remakes of the popular maps featured in both pieces of content – with examples being the Phu Bai Valley map from Vietnam and the Arica Harbor and Panana Canal maps from Battlefield Bad Company 2.


It goes without saying that these maps remade with the Frostbite 3 engine would be fantastic to see as Bad Company 2 is arguably the best ever Battlefield game to come out so far. If EA decided to make these remakes free, it would be the perfect tonic to win over some fans who are still a bit unhappy over the amount of bugs that launched with the game last year.

Obviously we can’t get too excited as the information is not official yet, but it’s something to think about after seeing this change in the source code.

Would you be very happy with EA if they decided to bring free remakes from Vietnam and Bad Company 2 to BF4, to pass the time before Battlefield Hardline arrives? Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Believe me

    Wanna see road to jallalabad, masthuur city , and Dalian plant back in a DLC.

  • Someone…

    It won’t be Vietnam or bad company 2 because bf4 is all about the war with China not others


      Is that why we have metro(France) and gulf of Oman(middle east) Caspian border(Europe) and firestorm. None of which are China or Asia. Git lernt

      • Someone…

        My bad… I suppose it wouldn’t be a problem considering second assault is just a remake of some bf3 maps

  • adamjd32d

    I don’t need free handouts, I have recieved my monies worth. A little rough at points but best fps games ever made=bf franchise… Dice just remake some old stuff and I will give you my money!!!!

  • adamjd32d

    Ummm yes now please! A remade bad company2 game is what I would like!!! Oh god pleaseeeeeewewweeejsdjjdjdjdjdjd

  • FrJ4ck

    BFBC2 maps you say? yes please 👍

  • cro88

    Why are so many ppl whining about the launch of Bf4? Yes, it had some issues, but the ones I encountered weren’t all that big of a deal. My screen froze occasionally and I was kicked from servers now and again, but it wasnt like life altering or devastating. The ppl that are getting upset with this stuff are probably by nature, impatient and are the ones that rage quit constantly. It’s life you babies. Lets face it, Battlefield is way better than any COD games I’ve played, IMO. And until I’m tired of playing Bf4 and cap out, I had no intention of starting Hardline anyways. I’m glad its coming out later.

    • TonyBaloney

      Totally agree. I’ve only has a few minor issues on PC

  • cshalley

    I think it would be a way to help the problem with people being completely fed up with ea and dice. But its not going to change the fact that most will not buy hard line at launch. Remember it took dice a very longtime to get bf4 playable for most people. They already burned that bridge.

  • H Bardos

    That would be great to add Bad Company maps a good way to make up for the crash issues that kept from playing on my ps3.

    • Ariel Chavez

      Yeah PS3 crashes way to often
      I would like to see Bad company maps