GTA V PC Vs Xbox One, PS4 mod superiority

If you needed another reason why the PC version of GTA V is going to be superior compared to GTA V PS4 and Xbox One, we have a great example to show you now. Unsurprisingly it is all down to mods and we can see that devoted members are already hard at work on their best GTA V mods for PC for when the game launches this Fall.

The GTA V PC Vs PS4, Xbox One debate is continuing to be a big talking point on social media, but for us it is only about the PC version and it is going to be well worth the wait.

We just hope that people actually buy the game rather than download GTA V on PC. We have seen with the unbelievable standard of mods for GTA IV, that mod support for GTA V is going to ensure that the game is still played on a daily basis until the likes of GTA 6 arrives in years to come.

Today, we give you an example of one mod that is on the way. CJ from San Andreas is easily one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise and we can see that one talented user has released some images for his plans to unveil a CJ character mod for GTA V on PC.

Looks a lot better since his San Andreas days, right?
Looks a lot better since his San Andreas days, right?

The CJ project has been created by Alec Courtney, a Character Artist who hopes to make this available to the public this Fall. The images are impressive to say the least, especially when we see that this is only a ‘rough sketch’ up, with further fine tuning to come.

Remember that this is just one example of the amazing mods that will be available to download – all free for those who choose to get the PC version over console.

You can check out a gallery over at Reddit here. Enjoy the images of ‘next-gen’ CJ and let us know if this is yet another example of why GTA V PC is always better vs console.



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