GTA V PC Vs Xbox One, PS4 mod superiority

By Alan Ng - Jul 27, 2014

If you needed another reason why the PC version of GTA V is going to be superior compared to GTA V PS4 and Xbox One, we have a great example to show you now. Unsurprisingly it is all down to mods and we can see that devoted members are already hard at work on their best GTA V mods for PC for when the game launches this Fall.

The GTA V PC Vs PS4, Xbox One debate is continuing to be a big talking point on social media, but for us it is only about the PC version and it is going to be well worth the wait.

We just hope that people actually buy the game rather than download GTA V on PC. We have seen with the unbelievable standard of mods for GTA IV, that mod support for GTA V is going to ensure that the game is still played on a daily basis until the likes of GTA 6 arrives in years to come.

Today, we give you an example of one mod that is on the way. CJ from San Andreas is easily one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise and we can see that one talented user has released some images for his plans to unveil a CJ character mod for GTA V on PC.

Looks a lot better since his San Andreas days, right?

Looks a lot better since his San Andreas days, right?

The CJ project has been created by Alec Courtney, a Character Artist who hopes to make this available to the public this Fall. The images are impressive to say the least, especially when we see that this is only a ‘rough sketch’ up, with further fine tuning to come.

Remember that this is just one example of the amazing mods that will be available to download – all free for those who choose to get the PC version over console.

You can check out a gallery over at Reddit here. Enjoy the images of ‘next-gen’ CJ and let us know if this is yet another example of why GTA V PC is always better vs console.

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  • Eduardo

    dont forget that cj was only like 24 when san andreas took place

  • Joffre Arteaga

    This looks like Faces of Meth, Console he is OK and PC is the Meth after shot .

  • PC=PiratesConsole

    PC users can also “mod” the price by torrenting the game. If a company wants to maximise sales, they best not release the game at all on PC – especially when they put MORE effort into the FREE PC version. If they release a superior PC version that can be downloaded for free, tell me why any console gamer would pay for the gimped version of GTA 6 next time around. As it seems they will release this game for the PC (Pirates Console) and put more in it, I will certainly not be buying the console version of GTA 6 for full price on day 1 for my PS4. Don’t they understand that when they give PC Pirates a BETTER game for FREE, that it makes people like me who paid for the game feel like morons, and I guess we are. Fool me once, shame on Rockstar, fool me twice…well, you get the idea.
    Destiny is for me. All effort going into consoles without wasted effort on some free PC version. You see, when they release the free PC version (which sucks up a lot of the budget as they add a bunch of stuff Day 1 suckers did not get), console players are effectively subsidising the PC pirates. I thought better of Rockstar as they did not release a free PC version of RDR. Oh well, live and learn.

    • Foetoid

      I had to read this 4 times to understand the stupidity of it tbh. I get what you’re saying, but they could still make money off the PC platform by either making account-based online multiplayer so it HAS to be legit, or even make it Steam exclusive. Not everyone with a PC pirates games. I used to, until Steam became a roaring success and now i only pirate PC games that aren’t on Steam. EA certainly screwed themselves with that.

      • PC=PiratesConsole

        Just letting you know that I feel very stupid, for buying the inferior game and paying full price. I agree about the online, but I bought it for SP as most people do with GTA – they’ve never really nailed the online – too many hackers/exploiters. Imagine the hacks/exploits on the modded PC versions of GTA Online. It will be completely unplayable unless you have the same hacks as everyone else. Also, you are saying that you will be happy to fork out $60 when you can have it easily for free. That is noble of you, but there are many consumers out there who, if given the chance, would rather have it for free. Why it annoys me is that they would build the PC costs and the small amount of PC revenue into the original budget. That’s what irks me. Because they will spend more on the uber-PC version and get less revenue back due to ease of piracy, us dumb console players are paying for the uber-PC version that we cannot play. I just think it sucks. But hey, I’ll admit to being dumber than PC players. I would rather get the way better version for free, but I just don’t want to game on PC coz I sit at a computer all day and just want to hit the couch when I get home. Hey, I’m not knocking PC players, they are the smart people taking advantage of dumb developers like Rockstar and their console gimps. Not that I play Online, but maybe their focus on the uber-PC Version is where their resources have gone…instead of releasing Heists which I believe was supposed to be there after two weeks. My bet is on the PC version being the best version that will have Heists, unlike what us consoles dummies got. No wonder PC players refer to themselves as the Master Race.

    • Nick Hunt

      That’s not true at all. It’s incredibly easy to mod a console and install firmware to play pirated games. Check torrents, not only are console games often leaked before the game is actually released but there are at times more people seeding and leeching the console version. Check the torrent sites the numbers are all there and they don’t lie. Console piracy is just as prevalent as PC and its only made easier since all the consoles have pushed towards digital sales, its made it that much easier to pirate and play.