Minecraft PE update for Android

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 26, 2014

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.5 released this week on iOS and Android in what was hoped to be the final update before 0.10, although this wasn’t to be for Android device owners after some more bugs were found in a short space of time. The official Mojang blog said you could call this a Minecraft PE update for Android, which will fixes crashing, freezing, and some apparent “corruption” in the virtual world.

Google play reveals the update date of “25 July 2014”, for Minecraft’s Pocket Edition, and thanks to many versions on Android devices the version number isn’t included on the play store. Mojang said on their blog that you can call this update 0.9.5b,, or “whatever” you like but it fixes some “locking” problems.

There’s a few other issues fixed for Android users, but these weren’t named in the release notes or on the official blog. We’ve also been informed that nothing should change for Amazon and iOS users, so if you’re running the game on iPad let us know how the app is performing for you?

One Product Reviews reader mentioned that “0.9.5 doesn’t work with 0.9.4 multiplayer”, although they didn’t explain if this was on Android or iOS. If they were talking about Android, then there’s a chance this is one of the other problems Mojang fixed with Minecraft PE update 0.9.5b. Share a comment below if you’re experiencing any issues since the latest updates.

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  • sandwichman

    My minecraft would not update so I deleted it then downloaded it again and it updated but no matter what I type it says its corrupted can you please fix that I want to play
    minecraft again

  • jkothe

    My daughter and I each have a Kindle but share an Amazon account. Hers updated and mine did not, any ideas?

  • India Hewitt

    sometimes you have to wait before it can get to some app stores. they don’t load at the same time (especialy with diffrent devices). don’t worry, it’s common. i experianced this with my friend too!

  • lee42lee

    My tablet updated to .9.5 but my sons is still at .9.4 and we can not join each other. We can not get his to update. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.

    • Miguel

      Download. This app called apptoide u have to search the web to find it and after u get it search. On there for mincraft pe and it should. Have the new updated version on there

  • Andrew Adams

    Put cheats in too

  • Andrew Adams

    Can you make red stone not so useless!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonah

    I just lost my world I have been working on for weeks!

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