GTA V update conjecture for Casino DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 26, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update didn’t happen this week after a few leaks tried to claim new content would arrive, so most gamers look towards early next week, or even next month for the next GTA V update and even Casino DLC. There’s every chance gambling will be added to the online mode, although it’s certainly not clear what new features will arrive next to both offline and multiplayer.

What’s evident is the features the gamer wants and other than Heists, there’s those of you that believe Casino DLC will arrive at some point after seeing the inside of this building.

We’ve featured a video below this article that reveals a glitch getting the player inside the Casino building. While it’s true the inside could just be there for decoration rather than future downloadable content, this cannot be the case considering the outside windows are blacked out and this would make the inside furniture pointless.

There’s also references to code highlighting poker, card games, slot machines, and other popular gambling games expected to arrive in GTA online with a future update.

Would you be happy to see the next GTA V update open the Casino up, or would you rather see something else?

Personally, we’d bet GTA V 1.16 along with an online update will release on July 29th, or August 5th, both being the favored Tuesday that Rockstar likes to perform updates to its open world game.

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  • I feel like gambling could end up too much like real gambling, considering how easy it would be to get people hooked on buying more cash cards, hoping to turn 100,000 into a million.
    It actually seems like a pretty good legal loophole to legitamitze real money gambling in video games. This seems like it could be somewhat illegal even..albeit probley a loophole.

  • storm

    I agree with gam, personally i could care less about these updates with new outfits and useless cars, im hoping for a full on military update, b52 bombers, ac-130s, vtols, new attack helicoptes, hell even add new ships for naval warfare, why not have an attack sub, or even a battleship! The possibilities are endless, and id also like to see some cars that can turn into boats, or perhaps even be able to submerge, that would be a car worth buying

  • Gam

    I’d like the military update more this crap there’s another place I know I can see furniture inside of doesn’t mean anything dats all that’s in the building what a useless picture and article LAME UPDATE WE NEED PLANES ATTACK HELICOPTERS THINGS THAT WOULDN’T GIVE GTA MAKERS THIER MONEY ALL THEY WANT IS FOR ADDICTED PLAYERS TO BUY FAKE MONEY