BT Mail joins Yahoo in reported problems

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 26, 2014

In the last hour we’re getting reports in relation to Yahoo Mail and BT emails not working, and our readers have contacted us directly by email and on social networks. In relation to BT in the UK, we’ve heard that a lot of emails are bouncing back on the morning of July 26th and it’s not clear if this is selected areas or more widespread.

This follows Yahoo Mail problems earlier in the week with those issues being felt all around the world, although it’s still worth noting that plenty of our contacts could access Yahoo, so this is most likely isolated to certain networking conditions or locations.

One of Product Reviews readers said, “All my emails are being bounced back to me and I cannot receive or send email today. I’m not sure if this problem is just with my home network, or it’s an issue with BT mail everywhere, but I’d love to know if the service is not working for others as well. I’m also seeing BT Infinity broadband running slow today”.

How is your computer or mobile device running today with BT broadband, Yahoo Mail, or BT email? Are you seeing problems with these services and if something isn’t working, let us know in the comments what’s exactly wrong with any error messages to help other readers out.

As you can see in the tweets above, some issues might have been a little sporadic over the past 24 hours. Also, another tweet below reveals some people wonder if the Yahoo Mail issues and BT are connected in the UK.

We’ve reached out to Yahoo and BT for comment and of course we will update this article with any responses given about users reporting connection issues.

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  • Henry Bennett

    I as a problem whit my password it is block for good time

  • Behram Katrak

    Yahoo mail not receiving messages on mu android smartphone for past two days. BEHRAM KATRAK.Pune.India.

  • John leigh

    Yahoo sign in not working …saying invalid password?
    Sky email also stopped working 5 mins ago stating username or password invalid….any ideas how to fix?

    • Jazzy

      Reset your email passwords.