Xbox Games with Gold for August 1st

By Alan Ng - Jul 25, 2014

While PS4 and PS3 owners are bracing themselves for the highly anticipated PS Plus August 2014 update, it is almost that time again for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users to get excited for the incoming Xbox Games with Gold August 2014 update.

Microsoft hasn’t announced the list yet, but we know we could be hours away from the announcement, especially if we go on previous trends for the month before. Microsoft announced the Xbox Games with Gold July update on June 26, so some smart gamers out there are now predicting that we’ll see the Xbox One Games with Gold August update announced on the same day, exactly one month later.

As for the contenders, there seems to be some momentum suggesting that Rayman Legends could be one of the free games that is going to be offered by Microsoft. The colorful game from Ubisoft would be a big hit in our eyes but at this moment, they are mere rumors without any substance.

Another game that has been mentioned is Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One, a game that released in November 2013 but could be another game that users appreciate in terms of offering something different compared to Guacamelee for July’s update.

When the news is finally announced, it should go live on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire website so you may want to bookmark it now and keep checking throughout the day.

What are you expecting to see for the August update on Xbox One and Xbox 360? Were you actually happy with Guacamelee, or disappointed? Let us know if you would be happy if Rayman Legends and Zoo Tycoon were two games that were included on the list.

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  • bear

    I am hopeing for tomb raider definitive edition and Lego marvel. They better step it up this time. I already own rayman. Lococycle looks stupid. And sure as hell don’t want crymson dragon. Ryse would be badass

  • Hydro7446

    Please rayman legends please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doomsday

    lollipop chainsaw and resident evil 4

  • Adam

    It seems most of you have forgotten the xbox one games with gold scheme is different to the 360. You can only play the game, even when downloaded, if you have a gold subscription. Unlike the 360 scheme where you fully own it once downloaded. This means Microsoft can do the same as Playstation and offer newer games on the One. Hopefully plus and gold now get equally new(ish) games.

    Also, even though this contradicts what I’ve just said, guacamelee was a hd remake. The original came out ages ago. Hence its called the super turbo champion edition. (great game by the way, better than max and spartan assault)

    In terms of what I’d like… Tomb raider definitive edition? Its a long shot but the original was released last year so maybe! Realistically I’m thinking zoo tycoon (meh), Rayman Legends (hopefully good) or (the apparently awful) crimson dragon.

  • jacob

    I would like to see xcom enemy within a free game

  • teethintored

    I know Rayman is a good game (I’ve heard at least), but the Rayman character is stupid looking. I would rather have Torchlight, Monaco, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, or something else if it’s going to be an XBLA game. On Demand I’m happy with anything. Hopefully, it’s not Assassin’s Creed because they already gave away ACII and that game was garbage.

    • mj

      I think Rayman was more of an Xbox One wish than 360

  • Tox1cav3ng3r33

    I would like to see outlast as a free game.Guacamelee was a very disappointing game. Even NBA 2K14 would be nice.

    • david

      Outlast is amazing !c:

  • Mike

    Does anyone know yet how many games we are getting for x1

    • mj

      It looks like it should be 2 since both Max and Guacamelee have July 31st as removal dates.

  • Vahit

    I Dont Think We Will Get Great Games !
    Normally We get 4-6 Years Old Games With Gold Sometimes We Get 2 Years Old Games But this is Rare.

  • Nofox

    I was extremely happy with guaccamele and loved it so much It ended up being one of the two games I’ve platinumed in my gaming history

  • ryan lombardo

    I would be happy with Assassin’s Creed and Rayman!

    • mj

      I second that notion. Black Flag, NFS, Lego Marvel, Tomb Raider, Thief and LocoCycle, Crimson Dragon, Rayman, Strider, Trials would all be good combinations in any order, some more than others.

      And to those saying “they won’t release X game because it’s too new”, they just dropped Super Guacamelee on it’s release day for free, so anything’s possible.

      • anonymous

        Small difference here… and I’m just noting this because it’s well, um… kind of obvious here.

        Super Guacamelee is a small budget ‘Arcade’ production game. Of which you named TWO ‘Arcade’ title and those DEFinitely had bigger development budgets than Guacamelee.

        Look at the history of games that have come with gold. Look at the following combination of things: 1: Arcade, or On-Demand (Digital version of disc-based game)
        2. Age: pretty simple… how old is it?

        When you finally reach the end of my little list… Nearly every game on your list becomes “Hopeless”. Because, primarily, they release MOSTLY Arcade, with an OCCASIONAL On-demand game that has sold a definitive amount, or is a marketing attempt to draw interest in something. (Assassin’s Creed II for Assassin’s Creed IV… sound familiar much?)

        So to point, no… in this case… this is not an ‘anything’ this is a predetermined thing.

        Trust me, I would LOVE to see Black Flag and Rayman Legends for free at ANY time, but the sad fact is, that is just NOT going to happen. Just like none of the games I want will be offered on the program either… so don’t feel too bad.

        • teethintored

          They usually release one on demand and one arcade game.

        • mj

          Every Xbox One game is available for download. Also, we can not compare what has happened on the 360 to what will happen on the One. 360 are yours to own, One is along the lines of psn+ where you “rent” the title. Also, the catalog of titles on the one is so small that they can not be as selective as they have been on the 360.

    • Dylan

      Rayman looks really hot!

  • evans

    i need assassin creed , ryse ,

    • John McCalister

      Good Luck! They havent given away any full XB1 titles yet. People are still paying full price for Black Flag and Ryse so I would really be surprised if either of those is given away

      • DarkRashoumon

        Yeh I just bought AC IV, and think Xb1 will be arcade game again like previous 3. Hoping Outlast

        • DarkRashoumon

          Also the xbox one hasnt been released yet in netherlands ( I got import one in june for free games lol ) so expect arcade releases.

  • PureGamer

    Guacamelee was disappointing.. Rayman is disappointing.. Zoo Tycoon is disappointing.. I pay a lot of money every year, year after year, for Xbox Live. Give ME something worth playing. I don’t care what you other people think. I’m highly disappointed with the Xbox One. I want, at the very least, an descent game to play. Max : The Curse of Brotherhood was a really great game to me, and I’m sure to a lot of kids. I was very pleased with the quality of that game. Guacamelee… Pffffftttt

    • DJ-Darky

      Guacamelee, Rayman and Zoo Tycoon are great games.

      Properly you pay for xbox live year after year and not for Games with gold.

      Microsoft does not do this, it’s just a thank you to loyal members.

      If you do not like then you’re out of luck.

    • mj

      You aren’t paying for Xbox Live for free games…that’s a bonus program that MS does not need to do, so shut up and be happy. The ONLY reason Sony started doing it was because they needed a reason to justify PSN+, they were losing way too much money on the free psn service, so to get people to pay for service they had to include games. Thats bad on Sony. Now stop sounding as if everyone owes you something, that attitude is whats wrong with society today.

      • John McCalister

        Thank you! I get that PSN offers better games but MS doesnt HAVE to give us anything. I have both so I do get the best of both worlds here but still, PSN+ NEEDED to give away games because the service without free games is garbage. What many people, 99% of whom are under the age of 18, fail to realize is that this isnt a “pay for games” service. The games are a bonus offering and to many of those complaining are so worried about the free games given away by PS+ that they completely overlook the fact that those games are the ONLY thing that make PS+ worth having

        • mj

          And while yes, it is different now than when psn+ launched, if you look at the first years offerings of games for the 360 vs those for the PS3, the Games with Gold games destroy everything that Sony was bringing.

          PSN was, and still is, dropping a ton of “arcade” level games, they didn’t start bringing out true AAA type games for a year or two. GwG had Fable 3 as its first game, Assassins Creed 2, Crackdown, Dead Rising 2, r6 Vegas, Halo 3, Gears, Dead Island, Hitman, SR 3, Dark Souls and Street Fighter 4 in the first year alone…all for keeps.

          Psn+ first AAA game was Tomb Raider Underworld, and thats like a AAA- game…I hesitate to rank it on AAA level, and that was released in Dec of 2011, basically 18 months after the program started….and the next game of that caliber was Far Cry 2 in February of 2012, closing in 2 years of free game service.

          It took PSN+ 2 years to drop games on the level of what 360 are dropping now…

        • CHAINSAW305

          People like you are the reason they’ll accept giving us shitty games. Having some entitlement or expectations for the free GWG program is actually a good thing not a bad thing. YOU PAY FOR PREMIUM SERVICE. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO FEEL HOW YOU WANT TO.. lol! Tho Microsoft has been giving out some decent games since the beginning of 2014. I’m not complaining there. It’s you people that make it hard to keep Microsoft from giving us shitty games.
          PSN+ had waaaaaaaaaay more games that were triple A titles than that my friend and I’ll name a few.. Dead Space3, Battlefield3, DMC, Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, Bioshock 2 andddd Borderlands 2… lol! The PS+ membership is awesome. Imo it’s better for gamers. Especially if you have a PS Vita to go with it.

        • cycledcypher

          You can’t justify a 60$ year service without giving free games. I see you deleted my comment. Ps plus thousand times better than live. I got three ps4 games for 20$ total. I get discounts on multiple games every week. You guys are catching up. I pay 50$ a year and get much more. Plus I get money back with digital purchases.

      • teethintored

        You shut up. I only pay for xbox live for games with gold and deal of the week because I don’t play multiplayer anymore and youtube is free.

    • John McCalister

      I actually enjoyed Zoo Tycoon but Im pretty sure that they will give it away because I already own it. At this point, I would be happy with a full 360 or XB1 game that I dont already have

  • Doc onslot

    I really want rayman legends. That game would be awesome. I enjoyed guacemelee and played it through twice.

  • OrangeRhino

    I really enjoyed Guacamelee and I actually played the game the whole way through unlike PS4’s offerings. I would be happy with Rayman Legends, but Idk about Zoo Tycoon.

  • Ajay Assi

    i wouldnt be happy if it was zoo tycoon and rayman legends because i wasnt happy with july’s games either id rather be happy with assassins creed black flag and ryse or something else that is not boring

    • nick

      they dont give away full priced new realeses

      • June

        Both those tittles are not new releases, they came out in november of last year.

        • Patrick

          Still they sell for 30 to 40 or so meaning they’d be paying a pretty penny on either of those games. Assassins Creed Liberation might be barely doable but they do their best to assure the games are under 10

        • June

          If you look at the two games they post so far, they add up to 30 dollars. Who knows maybe we will get a AAA tittle. There is no harm in hoping.

        • John McCalister

          There is a good chance it will be Zoo Tycoon because I already own it. They LOVE to give away games that I have already bought

  • Kristin Taylor

    for xbox 360 do call of duty black ops and injustice gods among us

    • nick

      that would be good but they only do 1 regular game per month and 1 arcade game

      • Professor Oak

        Sometimes it is 2 Arcade Titles a Month

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      they wont give away injustice for at least 3 months since they just did a massive reduce price sale on it.

  • TomDobo

    It may suck but Ryse would be good for free like.

    • Nibblo

      Iy doesn’t suck, in fact it is really good. The bad part is I would expect every Xbox One owner (apart from yourself it seems) to already have it.

      • TomDobo

        I had it and sold it due to it being very repetitive. It would be a great game for free.

        • Nibblo

          I played it twice. Try Lengendary, it changes it all up. The gameplay was a bit repetitive but I didn’t find the game itself like that. Great story and good changes of scenery. Really enjoyed it. Too big of a game to make it free I reckon but who knows.

        • TomDobo

          It is too big to become free but PS+ Did it with a few titles on PS3. Can’t wait for the games to get announced for both GWG and PS+

  • Dante

    Screw Zoo Tycoon. We want free gmes yes but no one wants to mess with zoo animals.

    • maxy

      Talk about yourself.

    • Gareth Mee

      Zoo Tycoon is actually a really fun way to pass a few hours with the kids if you have them, if not it’s still a fun way to while away the time, it’s a pretty decent game! I already own it though so don’t really want it to be a free xb1 game in August!

      • Dante

        I guess it could be. Just didnt think animals would be fun to mess with in a game. I loved roller coaster tycoon so i guess i could give it a shot.

        • John McCalister

          Zoo Tycoon is alright. I dont love it or hate it but I already know that if they give it away, there will be a TON of people complaining because it isnt Watch Dogs or Titanfall. I have played quite a bit of Zoo Tycoon and while some parts of it are somewhat boring, Im not disappointed with my purchase so if they give it away, no one should complain because it IS a relatively new title, for free